Welcome to the world of Aradhana!! As the year 2018-19 draws to a close, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you that Aradhana School was ranked No.1 in holistic development by India School Merit awards.

Our journey to this creditable point has been marked with triumphs and achievements. We are proud of our students who have and continue to make us proud in academic excellence as well as in co-curricular activities. Our core values of discipline, leadership, integrity, academic excellence and service guide our students into becoming high achievers with the right values. We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities as we truly believe in nourishing not only the mind but also the body and soul. As a result, our students are exposed to sports, fine arts and creative sciences apart from academics.

We have a team of skilled and dedicated teachers who focus on the overall development of the child. Lastly, I also thank our parents who have given their unstinting support in helping us in our shared vision of nurturing children into becoming respected members of the community. Thank you

Sr.Siji Madapallikadu, asc


Aradhana Academy

Christmas Celebration:-

Christmas is the time for giving and sharing, joy and laughter, and for coming together with family and friends. It was a Christmas to remember as we celebrated it on 21st December 2018. The school looked festive with all the children dressed beautifully in coloured clothes. All the classrooms were decked with bright, glittering and festive decorations. There were stars, wreaths, bells, X-mas trees and stockings decorated by the teachers and students. There was a Tableau of Nativity of Jesus Christ arranged. Prayers, singing and dancing were part of the celebration.

Christmas brings love, cheer and joy and we celebrated it with fervour by spreading the message of love and joy amongst the children.

Christmas Celebration

Olympiad 2018-19:-

The Olympiad Exams are conducted for students of Grade I – X in the subjects of Math, Science, English and G.K. Our students actively participated in the exams held in November 2018 and excelled by getting gold, silver and bronze medals. Some students were also selected for level 2 exams.


A farewell program for the outgoing students of the batch of 2017-18 was organized on 23 January 2019. The theme of the farewell was “Reaching for the Stars”. The auditorium was decorated accordingly with bright and glittering stars.

In keeping with the tradition, we began with a prayer service. After that was the oath taking ceremony in which all the students of Class X and II PU participated with a lit candle. The students put up a fashion show that enthralled the audience. The program concluded with the students seeking blessings from the teachers.

Farewell Celebration Aradhana Academy
Republic Day

Republic Day:-

We celebrated Republic day on 23rd January ’19. India’s constitution came into force on 26th January 1950 completing the country’s transition towards becoming an independent republic.

Founders Day:-

We the members of Aradhana Academy eagerly wait for the month of February every year because of the birthday of our founder – St.Maria De Mattias, who founded the congregation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ – on 4th February.

The 1st week of the month is a very special holy week. On 1st February there was a special Mass and prayer song. St.Maria’s statue was decorated with pretty flowers and there was also a colourful rangoli. Through prayers and music, everyone surrendered themselves to the Almighty and asked for blessings.

Founders Day

DCL 2019:-

Deepika Children’s League is a competitive exam that tests the current affairs and general knowledge of the students. This year this exam was conducted in November ’18 and our children were awarded with cash prizes.

Recognition Day:-

Every year Aradhana School celebrates Recognition Day to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of our students on this day, students receive their medals and certificates as a tangible reminder of the excellence that they have shown in academics, deportment and student activities throughout the year.

Recognition Day