Teacher's Enrichment Program

Elements of an Outstanding lesson

Methodology for creative teaching

Teaching methods are an important aspect of teaching and learning that determine the activities of teachers and students. The quality of the teaching process improves. It helps creating an effective learning environment, improve teaching-learning activities

A Workshop was conducted which was split in to three sessions based on the subjects English, Math and EVS. The session started with a welcome speech followed by prayer in the name of the Lord. The workshop started with the Subject- English,which included various Fun filled and informative activities, it started with a warm up session which included an activity on attentiveness, opposites and observation, next an interesting round on idioms was held for the formation of groups among the teachers, A round of quiz was held on the meanings of the idioms. All the teachers took an active participation in all the activities and kept themselves occupied. After the English workshop we had a session on Mathematics, which majorly concentrated on the topic “Math Calculation Tips and Tactics”, It started with formation of the group followed by tips and tricks on the major operations in mathematics which included Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division and had few icebreakers and riddles in between the session to attract the attention of the teachers, finally ended with quiz on riddles in mathematics, the teachers also enjoyed by applying their logical skills in solving the riddles. The Final session of the day was EVS, which started with Teaching and learning process and how it can be imbibed in our daily classroom activities followed by group formation. Another activity was held which included the action and Chinese whisper which made the teachers to do some fun filled physical activities followed by the activity on maps and with an audio-visual quiz. and the vote of thanks was proposed.