July Events - 2022


Parent's seminar helps to maintain a healthy, positive, and happy relationship between parents and Children. Ms. Chitra from the S Chand group conducted a parenting seminar. The seminar was conducted in 2 sessions. The seminar started with our school prayer and was followed by a prayer song by the choir group. Discussions were made about open-minded thoughts, 21st century skills-4 Cs. (Communication, Critical thinking, Creative thinking, Collaborative) How do parents provide support? How do parents at home inculcate or teach human values to children? How can parents provide a healthy learning environment? How can parents help their children in learning? There was an interaction session between the parents and Ms. Chitra. And some recommendations were made to parents by the school. The seminar was concluded with a vote of thanks.


Aradhana academy conducted the Intra-School Debate Competition in commemoration of the Vanamahotsava and Doctor`s Day on July 2nd 2022. The topic for the competition was " Bio-medical waste management ". All the participants were with equal caliber and potential but in the end, some stood out shining brighter than the others. Some of the points even made us think about the facts. There was so much talent in the room. Arguments were made and proved. The competition was so interesting that it had a very huge audience. The competition was a huge success. There were so many notable points presented by each team but the point presented by the winning team was the game-changer.

Van mahotsav special assembly (2022-2023) - July 5th, 2022.

Van mahotsav is an annual tree planting movement in India which initially began in 1950. The name Van mahotsav means the festival of trees. It has gained significant importance every year. Millions of saplings are planted across India in observation of van Mahotsav.

Van Mahotsav is celebrated is all throughout the India on July-5th .Special assembly was conducted in ARADHANA SCHOOL on July 5th heading Sr. Siji, Sr. Molly and Sr. Shainy. Series of events which was conducted on this day are as fallows.

  • Van Mahotsav program started with our school prayer and followed by a prayer song by choir group.
  • Speech was given on the introduction and importance of Van Mahotsav, why it is celebrated and how it was carried forward by great leaders and their achievements on plantation of trees.
  • Wonderful thematic performance by primary children of grade 1about importance of trees.
  • Melodious song sung by the Choir group HEAL THE WORLD which created pleasant atmosphere how the greenery heal the world.
  • Primary child has explained about green warriors who helped in nurturing the nature.
  • Clear presentation given through skit by grade 4 on Chipko movement (The Chipko movement was a forest conservation movement which was originated in the year 1973 in India),this event would create some awareness among the students the importance of saving forests.
  • A clear awareness of planting trees is created with a great act by primary students.
  • Price distribution done by the Sr.SiJi, Sr.Molly, Sr.Shainy for the winners of public speaking on the topic van mahotsav.
  • The program van mahotsav is concluded with vote of thanks by thanking everyone and school anthem. Thank you.