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Current Events

Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy

Workshop - 28 March 2019:-

Workshop was Conducted for Kids world teachers along with Primary teachers of Class-1&2 on 28-3-19 in the School auditorium. The resource person for the programme Ms. Asha Devi , she is a teacher since 16 years and has been teaching STATE, CBSE and International Schools. She is a Montessori consultant, Trainer, Curriculum writer, counselor and story teller. She has been facilitating workshop for teachers, parents, Government primary sectors and NGOs.

Kindergarten Day - Kids world Classes; -Nursery & LKG:-

An event eagerly looked forward to, in our annual year book is the Kid’s World Annual Day. It is the culmination of the year’s efforts, filled with a mixed bag of joys, successes, tensions and pains. Through all these situations the teacher stands tall and stoic and brings out every bit of talent, in every child assigned to her. Today’s show was a magical output of Indian dances of various states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, with a grand finale of patriotic songs set to a lovely pattern of dance. The children of LKG AND NURSERY, who are aged just about 3 to 4 years, put up an amazing show of synchronising their tiny feet and small arms to the beats of the music and it seemed as if the songs too, were on their lips. The colourful costumes and accessories added to the aura of the dances. The chief guest was the Provincial Superior Sr. Mini (Provincial superior), and other guests included Sr.Siji our Principal, Sr.Jiji (Superior of Aradhana Convent), Sr.Shiny (Treasurer), and Sr. Lalitha (Treasurer of the Society). The enthusiasm of the parents was extremely heart warming and they had turned up in large numbers.

The PPT presentations added a special beautiful dimension to the entire show.

Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy

The theme was ‘DANCE AND FEEL ALIVE’. The joy, fun and freedom from tensions and worries are maximum achieved through synchronization of body movements to the fascinating beats of music. Young or old, bring cheer and liveliness into your life with music and dance.

Christmas Celebrations at Aradhana School on December 21, 2018:-

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at Aradhana School celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children.

There were hangings, cut outs, Christmas decoratives, wreaths which were all handmade all over the Dias and backdrop. Two tall poster sizes Santa’s waving everyone, handmade, were instilled on both the pillars of the Dias.

All classrooms were ducked up with various Christmas decoratives from Stars, Christmas trees, wreath, bells, stockings decorated by respective class teachers and their children. A tall Christmas tree stood in the entrance of the reception with stars all over the campus lit up in grandeur.

On the day of celebration, the children came beautifully appointed in party gear for the Christmas party that followed. Our third standard teachers arranged a Tableau of Nativity of Jesus Christ in a splendid manner next to the Dias.

The program kicked off by our two beautiful anchors singing, “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year” followed by welcome speech by Akhil of VII-ICSE. Suchitra and Shruthi of X-State were the main compeer’s of the programme.

A Prayer dance beautifully shown in our traditional Bharatanatyam of the Lord’s glory, which was an awe performance to look on. The tiny tots of I and II standard displayed how much joy is filled in their hearts by a beautiful performance.

There was a Carol fusion by our young Choir singing, “Angels we have heard on high, O come all ye faithful, Joy to the world,” with pretty little angles trodding all over the Dias and when “O come, all ye faithful,” was sung, the angels showed their adoration near the nativity of Jesus Christ.

Our Principal, Reverend Sis. Siji delivered a beautiful message; the precious gift of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, the gifts God handed us with the birth of Jesus Christ to all present.

Ansa – of I-PU a solo performer, Mary did you know, sung beautifully, which was soothing to the ears and loved by all.

A new style of dance, Hip-Hop dance in tune with Christmas Jingle performed by III and IV standard students was an anticipated performance and indeed it was a delight to watch.

When Santa Comes along he brings a lot of gifts, but the real gift to humanity is the Values and Life skills which was portrayed through a skit by our V and VI Students which will always be remembered and everyone enjoyed as the skit was a fun to watch. The name of the skit is the “Christmas Gift” expressed in the name of noble human values of life.

The high school students both State and ICSE board performed awesome dance to the tune of Last Christmas and Feliz Navidad. Lastly, Santa too made a grand entry through the last performance by our PU students with four Santa’s running all over and giving away sweets to the children, literally children had a blast with this performance.

The vote of thanks was given by our student Sthuti of class-VII-ICSE. Everyone got drowned in the happy festive vibes.The celebration was carried on in their respective classes throughout the day.

A visit to an institution named “Christy Home”-on 14 /12/18- Friday:-

A visit to an orphanage is a life changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. The Aradhanites were lucky to get an opportunity to visit Christy home in Kolar. There were around 25 girls whose parents are affected with HIV. Students had mixed feelings after seeing those girls. They were well dressed after seeing the staff and students of Aradhana Academy. The contributions and the gifts collected from our School students were given to them. They entertained us by music and dance. The Christmas carols were sung and games were conducted for them. The Christy home campus was massive with big trees, grown with fruits and vegetables. They sheltered some animals like rabbits and birds. Finally we left the campus by evening. On the way back we had yummy lunch.

Big thanks to our beloved Principal Sister Siji for giving an opportunity to serve the girls of Christy Home and taking us to a wonderful place.

A visit to Snehasadan and Little flower Church - 19/12/18:-

Aradhanites visited little flower church and Snehasadan on 19/12/18 (Wednesday) to celebrate Christmas and charity amongst those children and sisters. Staff and students of Aradhana Academy celebrated this function by dancing. Aradhanites offered gifts to the children. The sense of happiness was felt on their faces. As a mark of Christmas celebration the street children also took part and gifts were also distributed to them. We thank and are grateful to our Principal Sr.Siji for arranging this kind of a visit. By evening we returned at 3:30.

Children’s Day (14 Th November, 2018):-

The much awaited Day for our dear children

The assembly was conducted by the teachers. Mrs. Veena Vaz was the emcee for the day. Secondary teachers [I C S E Board] led the children in prayer and prayer song, followed by an introduction about children’s day by Mrs. Selvi Satish. Then there was a fashion show by the teachers of state board with national integration as the theme and rocking dance performance by primary teachers. Our principal Sr. Siji spoke a few lines of wisdom to our children. Finally the programme ended with Chandrakirthi Sir entertaining the children dressed a clown and dancing to the song “BUM BUM Bole”. The children were very excited and requested one more dance performance by Sister and teachers. The program concluded with of thanks by Mrs. Sandra D Souza.

Flow of the program Incharge Teachers
1. Emcee Mrs. Veena Vaz
2. Prayer and Prayer Song Secondary teachers
3. Introduction Mrs. Selvi Satish
4. Fashion Show State Board teachers
5. Song Secondary teachers
6. Dance Primary teachers
7. Bum Bum Bole Chandra kirthi Sir
8. Vote of thanks Mrs. Sandra D Souza
9. In charge teachers [Mrs Shruthi, Mrs Teresa, Mrs Nayana, Mrs. Veena vinay]

Project Day- 12/10/2018:-

Dreamers today …… Leaders Tomorrow

…… was the theme for the Project Day 2018. This was an opportunity to showcase the tremendous talent of our students at Aradhana School. It was a stupendous success thanks to the enormous effort of the students, teachers and parents who worked together to put up a dazzling display. We started the day with welcoming our guests of honour: Father Rinson, Principal of Carmel Academy, Sister Mini (Sister Provincial of Aradhana), Mrs.Sujatha, Mrs.Joba and Mrs.Sharada (Christ Academy). Father Rinson inaugurated our Project day by cutting the ribbon. After that we proceeded for lighting of the lamp.

The journey began with Class 1. The youngest class showed us “Unity in Diversity” by representing the 29 states of India. There were beautiful models created of the various monuments found in various parts of the country. The little ones had dressed up in regional costumes. There were also little chefs who showed us the cuisines of all the states. They showed us that they’re proud to be Indians. The visual display and performance by the little ones was spectacular.

Class 2 took us into the world of Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla and Rakesh Sharma. The topic was Solar System and the room was effectively decorated with dark sheets, glittering stars,etc. Beautifully made models showed us the solar system, phases of the moon, rotation & revolution, Hubble Telescope, Voyager Space Probe 1, etc. It was an out of the world experience.

Class 2 also told us the story of Land, Water & Air Pollution. There were elaborate models on sources of pollution, the effect of pollution and preventive measures that we can adopt. Colorful and well made models showed forestation, deforestation, organic and terrace farming, industrial waste, hospital waste, noise pollution, air pollution, etc. The concept of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle was brought out through the theme: “Be a part of the solution, not pollution”

Class 3 took us on a tour of the Lesser known Festivals of the world. Janmashtmi, Kullu Dussehra, Rath Yatra, Kite festival, Sarpamtullal, Pullikalli festival, Bonalu festival, Goa Carnival, La Tomatina, Halloween, Easter were beautifully depicted with the children dressed in appropriate costumes and playing the part. It was a riot of color, music, dance and actions ….. a feast for the senses.

Young Inventors of India were showcased by Class 4. We have bright inventors in our country who have given us practical and useful inventions. Inventions like Walkie mobile charger, Free speech, Garbage collecting device, Solar bike, Exercise machine to run washing machine, Bee saver bot, Desi AC, Goggles for visually impaired, Banana leaf technology for saving trees were shown with the help of working models. Students demonstrated and explained these inventions methodically. Needless to say, we walked away richer with this knowledge.

Students of Class 5 put up a scintillating theatre performance. The show started with Dum Rhythm, where students created music with objects used in everyday life. This was followed by a beautiful performance under the tree. Students dressed up as different characters and did a mesmerizing show on a Hindi song. They showed us that there is “Strength in Unity”

The Mathematics Group, with a group of students from Class 6 – 10, put up a mind boggling display of Geometrical shapes, Theory of everything, Division machine, Mathematical applications, Use of Math, Vedic Math, Pure Math, etc. There was also an elaborately made model with intricate detail of Smart City which showed us how Math is related to everyday life. Little quizzes and riddles got our brains ticking.

After this, we entered the world of Prepositions, Acrostics, Vocabulary Tree, Adjectives, Proverbs, Conjunctions … designed by students of Class 6 who were part of the English Group. Little word games, charts and a hopscotch game made for an interesting tour. There was also a scene of ‘Merchant of Venice’ being enacted by the students.

The Social Studies Group with students from Class 7 – 10, showcased their subject to perfection. There were life size models of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Gopal Krishna Gokhale. There was a display of life in rural India and beautifully made models of the famous monuments from around the world. Some students dressed up as historical figures and spoke about them. Projects on Modern Irrigation, Industries, Tornado, Cloud fall, Religious festivals, etc. were on display.

Next, we entered the world of Computers. Students of Class 7 – 10 had prepared projects on Artificial Intelligence, Technovation, Satellite Communication, IPO Cycle, HTML Website, Database Management Software, Animation, games and quizzes too. There was also a Billing counter, Topology, Computer Museo ……. and a robot to welcome and thank the guests.

The world of Science beckoned us into the Biology and Physics laboratories. Students of Class 7 – 10 had put up an impressive array of projects which showed their deep understanding of the subject and their ability to apply it. Students of the Physics Group had on display working models of Solar fan, Light detector, Water alarm, Door alarm, ATM machine, Grain mill, Night web fire detector, Writing machine, Infrared wave detector. Students of Biology Group impressed us with their projects on Biotic and Abiotic components of nature, Pond ecosystem, Forest ecosystem, Human digestive system, Global warming and Threats to biodiversity. There was also a model on Urbanization and an Ecological Pyramid model. We also saw a working model of Bio gas plant and learnt about Hydroponic farming. Students of the Chemistry Group put up impressive projects too. They put up projects and working models on topics like Electroplating, Electrolysis, Chemical reactions, Tea manufacturing model, pH natural indicators, Lava lamp, Food adulteration, Multiple reflection, Types of chemical reaction, Automatic Railway gate and Volcano. We were in awe of the knowledge displayed by the students.

The Hospitality Group took care of the refreshments which helped to keep the energy and spirits high. The school premises were beautifully and festively decorated thanks to the efforts of our very talented Decoration Committee. Kudos to everyone for making the Project Day a grand success.

Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October 2018:-

The leading convener of the occasion was Shree Latha mam – Guide captain of Aradhana Academy.

Gandhi Jayanti was celebtrated in Aradhana Academy for two reasons -

  • To celebratebthe birth anniversary of the father of our nation - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
  • Swatch Bharath campaign led by our own Scouts and guides team along with the students and teachers of Aradhana.

The distinguished guests of the day were Mr.P.G.R.Sindhia – Honorable state chief commissioner of the Bharath Scouts and Guides, Shri.Satheesh M.S- District secretary of Bharath Scouts & Guides B’lore ,South & H.M. of Issac Newton School, Shri Anand- Assitant district secretary of Bharath Scouts & Guides B’lore & working currently at Bosch, Smt.Amalopavamary – Wilson garden local associate secretary, working at St.Francis school as guide captain, Sri.Syed Husman - Training counselor of Wilson garden local Association Bharath Scouts & Guides , working at Cambridge school as a Scout captain.

Our Principal Sr. Siji , Sr.Celine vice principal and Sr.Jiji our community superior also accompanied the distinguished of the day.

The celebration on the Gandhi Jayanti 02 Oct 2018 at Aradhana Academy began with the March past parade along with the guest until they over took their honorable seats. Flag hoisting took place by Mr. Sindhia followed by National anthem. Smt. Sri Vidya welcomed the gathering that was further followed by speeches of all the dignitaries of the day.Mr.Sindhia mastered an inspiring speech imparting about truth , services of god & character of people. He also Appreciated Aradhana Academy and conveyed his wishes towards the future development of the school.

Bajan was sung by the students ‘ Raghupathi ragava rajaram…..’ followed by a speech by Jenith Pual VIII ICSE briefing all about the significance of the day. An amazing classical dance was performance by our students enhanced the Gandhi Jayanti celebration.

The occasion was concluded by vote of thanks proposed by Vasudha mam , the Senior Academic coordinator of Aradhana Academy.

As the last part of the celebration, students proceeded towards the Swach Bharath Abiyan as processions along with their respective teachers. Students cleaned the school surrounding and planted sapling to mark this memorable day. This spectacular day came to an conclusion by serving sumptuous lunch to all the students who participated in Swach Bharath Abiyan.

Teachers Day Celebration - 5th Sept 2018:-

Aradhana academy celebrated teacher’s day with zeal and zest on 5th sept 2018.There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere which was quite contagious .The students of the higher grades took over the duties of the teachers for the day.

The event started by around 8:30am and all the teachers were welcomed from the school gate till their seats with the band set. The students personally presented handmade cards and a rose bud to the entire school faculty. The programme started with praise and thanksgiving to our Lord Almighty followed by cultural events in which students expressed their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. Later our beloved Principal Sr.Siji addressed the entire school, lauded the entire staff for their exemplary contribution to school’s phenomenal success. All teachers were given a memento as a token of her love and appreciation and all teachers who completed 15years of their service in Aradhana Academy was specially remembered and honoured.

The programme ended with words of wisdom by our beloved principal sister followed by National Anthem. It was truly a memorable day for the teachers and all the students of Aradhana Academy.

Project Day-1-09-2018, Saturday, By Kidsworld:-

Project day was conducted on 1st Sep 2018, Saturday at Aradhana Kids world.

The theme for the project day was “People and places around us” for the Class Nursery.

The children spoke couple of sentences about their project and each child was given a role of person we see around us like community helpers.

The theme for the project day was “Continents” for the Class LKG. The groundwork started from mid July.

The highlights and special features of all the seven continents were thoughtfully divided among all the students. To bring out the best creativity, we had a face-to-face interaction with all the parents and took into account their valuable suggestion.

The main focus and objective was to make our little students participate actively by expressing a few words about their respective projects.

The classrooms were tastefully and efficiently transformed into different continents. The colorful and dense Congo Basin of Africa, the snow-clad mountains of Antarctica and the list goes on ……

Foot tapping music, students dressed as tribal’s, Chinese dolls, Egyptian Pharaohs lifted the entire mood on the project day. Cuisines from all over the world prepared by the parents filled the food court with divine aroma

The whole of UKG was divided into 2 groups where half of the children put up projects based on science and the other half were part of a Grama Panchayat.

The science exhibition named SCI-LAND saw a variety of projects based on simple and day to day activities like why waste is segregated and questions like why thunder and lightning is formed and how hydro power electricity was generated was beautifully done by the children.

Children gave a detailed explanation about each project whenever they were asked about it.

In Grama Panchayat named Anandagrama children were dressed up as villagers and a part of the school ground was recreated to bring about a feel of an actual village with shops, huts, a post -office, a school, paddy fields and many other elements. Here also children explained about each section and there were village guides who provided the spectators with a detailed explanation of benefits of living in a village.

Foot tapping music, students dressed as tribals, Chinese dolls, Egyptian Pharaohs lifted the entire mood on the project day. Cuisines from all over the world prepared by the parents filled the food court with divine aroma.

The project day winded up by 11 am and Aradhana Kids World brought about a learning experience for the audience.

The Management, parents and teachers were full of appreciation for all the efforts by each and everyone involved in making the project day a success. The management really thanks the parents for their utmost cooperation and help.

The Sport Report - 2018-19:-

Welcome to the first edition of the Sports Report of Aradhana Academy. The 2018/19 season starts here, and throughout the year we will be featuring results from competitions.

Cluster Level Sports Meet-2018:

The Students of Aradhana Academy participated in the above mention sport, played brilliantly & secured the following Prizes.

  • Volley Ball, Boys Under 14, 2nd place.
  • Volley Ball , Boys under 17, 2nd place.
  • Basket Ball ,Boys under 17, 2nd place.
  • Basket Ball, Girls under 17, 2nd place.
  • Throw Ball Boys under 14, 1st place.
  • Throw Ball Girls under 14, 2nd place.
  • Relay Race 4x100 meters Boys 1st place.
  • Relay Race 4x100 meters Girls 2nd place.

The skills and talent among our children continue to amaze and inspire. This Winter term has seen our sports go from strength to strength; competing in a variety of competitions.

Running Race 100 meters Boys & Girls:

  • 1.Prajwal.M.B - 1st place .
  • 2.Vaishanavi.K - 1st place .

Running Race 200 meters Girls:

  • 1.Vaishanavi .K 1st place.

Running Race 400 meters Girls:

  • 1.Chamundi . K . 3rd place.

Together, students of Aradhana Academy put on a spectacular display of courage, hard work, skill and brilliance during the Cluster Level Sports Meet. Sports and athletic have been an integral part of Aradhana Academy. Here goes the winners.

Long Jump Boys & Girls :

  • 1.Prajwal. M.B. 2nd place.
  • 2.Charan .B. 3rd place.
  • 3. Vaishanavi .K 1st place.

High Jump Boys & Girls:

  • 1.Prajwal. M.B. 1st place.
  • 2.Kruthika .K. 3rd place.

Taluk Level Sports Meet, 2018 – 29th ,30th & 31st Of August

High Jump Boys & Girls

  • 1. Prajwal. M.B. 3rd place.
  • 2.Priyanka M.B. 2nd place.

Running Race 100 meters Girls.

  • 1. Vaishanavi .K 3rd place.

The day was filled with exciting victories and our beloved principal Sr.Siji honoured the winners of the Aradhana Academy. Finally the entire school stood together, to appreciate the winners. On behalf of management and staff we wish all the winners hearty congratulations and wish them many more achievements ahead.

Independence Day-August-15, 2018:-

Aradhana Academy celebrated India’s 72nd Independence Day with great zeal. The Guest for the day Mrs. Deepa and the Sisters of Aradhana were escorted by the school’s Marching band, followed by the March past parade by the four houses. The Guest hoisted our Tri Color flag symbolizing courage, peace and growth. Our school choir lead through a prayer song seeking God’s blessing on this special day. The theme of our Independence Day was Namma Bengaluru. Different Competitions were conducted to enrich the students on Bengaluru’s culture, heritage, history and advancement. Students participated in the competitions and showcased their talents. Students of Grade 1 dressed up as different personalities of Bengaluru, Grade 2 students made their own paper bags, Grade 3 students advertised their product and conveyed a message to Save Bengaluru, Grade 4 students participated in a Collage Competition about Bengaluru, Grade 5 Students shared their experience on growing their own sapling, Grade 6 and 7 Students participated in a Quiz on Bengaluru and Grade 8 and 9 students documented a Short film about the Old and New Bengaluru. Cultural performances like dance and folk song representing the pride of our country was showcased. A musical drama was displayed about the famous places in Bengaluru and how we make Bengaluru a “Better City”. The day began gloomy because of the weather but ended with a bright smile on the students face.