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Current Events

Teachers Day Celebration - 5th September 2020

74th Independence Day Flag hoisting at Aradhana Academy

Krishna janmashtami activity by UKG - B

Father's day - 21st June, 2020

21st June being Father's day our children honoured their father's and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of father's in society....


Kidsworld had their outing as part of their Christmas celebrations.

Children were taken to Mc Donald's on the 18th of December, 2019 during class hours. They were taken by around 9am and returned by 12pm.

Children enjoyed their meals and also were super excited to see the mall and decorations which also included a life size Xmas father who danced to their tunes. There was also music and fun inside the restaurant and children were handed over to their parents by 12pm after the celebrations.


Sport's day in Aradhana Academy for Kids World was celebrated from 25-27 November, 2019 during class hours.

UKG had the sport's day on Monday, 25th and races like obstacle race, cup race, running race and balancing game were conducted. On 26th the little ones of LKG also had races like bunny race, jelly fish race and tiger races.

For Nursery and Pre- Nursery on 27th the races were kangaroo jumping, caterpillar race and fish in the pond races. On all the 3 days Principal Sr Siji and Vice Principal Sr Viji graced the occasion with their presence.

          It was very colourful where the children enjoyed with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Kids enjoyed participating in all the races and were super thrilled. 

ZOO DAY/ANIMAL KINGDOM on :- 20th Sep 2019

This year the students of Kids world were very excited when they discovered a common theme “Zoo Day” as part of the project day. This year’s topic opened possibilities of more research as to how and where project can be done and how these simple topics can be used to widen the imagination of the kids to a wider horizon. A month of extensive research, group activities, brain-storming sessions and class discussions, paved the way for the Zoo Day of Kids world. The Project day was held on Sep-20 th , Friday.

The topic was divided into 3. Nursery had taken up Marine world. One class room was converted into an aquarium with different types of underwater animals.  At a fundamental level, marine life affects the nature of the planet. Children were fascinated and at the same time gathered knowledge about underwater world.

LKG had taken up Farm animals and Endangered/Extinct animals as their topic. 2 classrooms were aesthetically converted into a farm and an endangered zone. There were dinosaurs trapped inside cages and animals in a farm set up which gave a feel of an actual farm. Children were excited to learn all about these animals and were overjoyed to share their knowledge when asked for.

UKG had taken up wild animals and along with children dressed up as animals there were 2 dance shows which kept the moving crowd occupied. There was a tribal scene recreated and the children were all excited to showcase their talents. The auditorium turned into a thick Jungle with animals and trees and forest music was played throughout to bring about a feel of the Jungle. The show was a huge success, and not only have they created a comfortable and a safe habitat for the wild animals replicating their natural surroundings, but have educated young children, by exhibiting the general collections of animals.

TEACHER’S DAY-4th & 5th September, 2019

The teacher’s day celebration was an extravagant 2 day grand affair. The celebrations started on the 4th September with a prayer in front of Our Lady, after which teachers were welcomed with roses. The award winning troop, escorted all the teachers and staff as a mark of honor from the gates of the school to the red carpet, on the ground. Teachers were also welcomed warmly by the angels of the Kids’ world. Parents extended their gratitude to the teachers with their presence and wishes.

Every teacher’s day was made as strutted across the red carpet with an overflow of cheers from the children of all classes. The teachers’ and students’ enthusiasm was soaring in the sky, as each teacher was felicitated with a ‘Super teacher’ badge and a gift, presented by our Principal, Vice Principal, Sisters and Father.

After a great start, everyone was made to sit for the show organized by the student leaders. As a school we sang ‘Humko Mann ki Shakti dena’, a heartfelt prayer song, before commencing of the program. The program started with performances from the primary section.

There were songs, dances and fashion shows which were adorable. As the program progressed, both teachers and children were filled with awe and broke out of their shells to show their excitement. The senior classes showcased a plethora of talent with their enthralling skits, songs, dances and magic show, ‘life of a teacher’ speeches. The entertainment gauge kept rising with each passing performance. A few memorable mentions were the B-boying performance by Kumar, the 8th graders’ hip hop number, a heartfelt song, ‘thank you’ on the keyboard by Joy, a hilarious skit by the boys from 8th and 9th grade, state board, a teacher’s fashion show by the 1st and 2nd graders, 'we love you teachers’ song by 10th graders.

The sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek, but nothing could dampen the festive spirit. The program ended on a high note with the teachers setting the stage on fire. The anchors, Alwin and Shriya took the entire program to the next level. After the mind-blowing program, the teachers were lead to the auditorium. A beautiful cake with all the school teachers’ picture was imprinted on the cake. Sister Siji did the honors and everyone enjoyed it with snacks. Sister Viji made the moment even more sweeter, by wishing each teacher by applying cake to the face! Teachers headed back to the classes and were unexpectedly flooded with wishes and gifts from children of all classes.

Little did the teachers know there was more fun in store? At 2 o’clock teachers were made to assemble in the auditorium once again, but this time to play games. All the teachers had to buckle up to run around the school for the treasure hunt, followed by musical chairs, guess the song and dumb charades. This was a good time for the teachers to share some laughs and enjoy. The dance floor was opened to students and teachers, and we got to see a different side to everyone as everyone let their inner child out.

Sister Siji closed the day with distributing prizes to the winners. Sister and teachers gave a huge round of applause for the school leaders who put in tireless effort to make this day so memorable for each teacher. The teachers gave them a loud hip-hip-hurray, for their seamless organizing skills. The teachers were also informed by Sister Siji that the celebrations would continue the next day.

On 5th September, all the teachers wore Onam saris and assembled in the Chapel for a mass dedicated to teachers. The exchanging of candles which denoted the spreading of light was a beautiful way of teachers wishing each other.

At 11 o’clock we had a special session with Mr. Raju, Parent Association Head of Aradhana School. He reminded us that loving children is the best method of reaching out and transforming children. His life experiences were heartening and insightful.

In the spirit of Onam, we had a special lunch prepared by the Sisters and supporting staff of Aradhana School. All teachers were treated to a sumptuous ‘Onam sadhya’ with 12 mouth watering dishes, served with all the love by the Sisters, Principal and Vice principal. This was one-of-a-kind experience; the flavour of the food was love.

The teachers with full stomachs and hearts sat down to watch ‘Hichki’ a Hindi movie based on a relentless teacher. It was the perfect ending to the two day celebration. Each teacher came out with a rejuvenated heart and spirit. All teachers shared the feeling of true happiness and gratitude of being a part of the Aradhana family, which can’t be put in words.

We are proud to be Aradhanites, may God bless all of us.

News Letter

JUN to Aug-2019:-



Children of Grade-I and Grade-II were taken to a “PUPPET SHOW” on 29.8.2019 (Thursday) conducted at “Rangashankara” in JP Nagar 2nd phase.

The children were taken to Rangashankara by school bus with a lot of excitement on their faces. Apart from the busy schedule of syllabus and homework children needed a break or an outing which would really refresh their minds and one such programme conducted by Mr. Sampath at Rangashankara.

We all entered the hall with a great enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting children who wanted to really enjoy the show. Children were taken to the theatre and surprisingly there were no mikes put in the hall, the voice of the people could reach the entire hall and teachers were instructed not to control the children and should be given full freedom to laugh, scream and do some pattern of sounds.

The name of the programme was “Tsuinnnnn Tapak” .There were four people who were sitting in midst of the children and started their show With various expressions on their faces and different patterns of sounds that could be made and how it can be transformed in to music without any instruments.

They also entertained the children with magic using different colours of scarves, followed by paper planes which were randomly thrown towards the children, the children were overwhelmed to catch the paper planes and threw back to the crew. They also made children to be quiet using a particular gesture. They also involved children to be a part of the music by asking them to pick the bottle which was placed under their seats half filled with beads and when shaken would produce sounds. Finally the show ended with questionnaires where the children took active part in answering. The children were given a sheet of labels as a token of love and would remember their visit to Rangashankara. We all bid goodbye and reached the school by 12:15pm.



Aradhana Academy, Arekere, Micolayout, celebrated Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervor on August 15, 2019 from 8:30am.

The celebration activities held on campus consists of inviting our chief guest Mr.Raju, President of PTA along with our Principal Sr.Siji, Sr.Viji, Sr.Jaya with the traditional school band set .The entire school assembled at the ground.

The chief guest hoisted the tricolor and the national anthem echoed in the campus. After the anthem there was group- wise march past .Students marched in contingents to the beat of the drum. The speech given by the chief guest was motivating.

There was a patriotic song competition given by the four houses: Unicorn, Dolphinus, Pavo and Columbia followed by an inspirational talk by our beloved Principal Sr.Siji.

The celebration continued with more of fun and entertainment by the middle schoolers with their acts Dumbells, Hoops and Lezim followed by Yoga act by the 9th and 10th graders which was eye catching event for that day. To move on with the karate kids made all of us speechless with their stunning performance.

The last part of the celebration was distribution of prizes for the students who won the cluster level volley ball competition .The valedictory was given by our beloved co-ordinator Mrs.Vasudha mam.

To make the celebration more colorful and interesting different stalls were put up by our children which included games, food and other activities.

On the whole the celebration was really a memorable one where we rendered our respect to our nation and showed our pure patriotism


Physical Education Volleyball Academy - Bandhava Councilor Cup -2019:-

7th state level inter school invitation volleyball championship.

Venue: Kittur Rani Chennama Stadium, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Date of competition: 12/7/19 & 13/7/19

Age-group for Boys: Under 14-primary boys

Based on the sets that have been won in 3 rounds, aradhana school was declared as winners securing the first place. the team lead by our students



ASL Prayer Meeting - 6 July, 2019:-

ASC organised their first prayer meeting for the students of class X,XI and PUC to invoke God’s blessings through the intercession of St.Maria de Mathias.

The prayer meeting began with a solemn candle light procession by the students.The students wrote their intentions on cut out made with outlines of their palms which adorned the back drop.The students then placed the candles in front of the photo of the photo of of St.Maria de Mathias.

The welcome address was given by the animator Sr.Jaya followed by the lighting of the lamp by Sr.Siji, our Principal and Sr.Viji, our Vice-Principal.Thereafter there was a reading from the Holy Bible and petitions for the students ,parents teachers and management.

The prayer meeting concluded with a beautiful story about a Pencil and a Sharpener –Pencil represented the students, and sharpener the teachers who are always sharpening the skills of the students.

As the students were leaving, they were given a scroll with an inspiring quote written and blessings by Sr.Siji and Sr.Viji. As Sr.Siji rightly stated, the prayer meeting left everyone present with a sense of serenity and holiness.

ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy ASL Prayer Meeting - Aradhana Academy



This was the first time Bangalore South District Association has tried out beginner’s course across all its local Association. This was conducted in Aradhana Academy on 29.6.19 (Saturday) at School Auditorium. The duration of the course was between 9am to 6pm. One day camp was held along with activities etc. Principal Rev.Sr.Siji addressed the beginners of the course. The year Planner was Inaugurated by Sr.Jaya Secretary, Sr. Shiny-Treasurer. The whole session of the course happened to be fruitful and successful. All the Scouts and Guides participated vigorously.


For New Admission Parents : ICSE, State & Kidsworld

The Program began with an inspirational Quotation about the education. This was conducted between 10am and 12 pm.

The welcome speech was delivered by Mrs. Radha Sharma (Admission Coordinator), welcoming the parents, our dignitaries Sr.Siji, Principal, Vice principal Sr.Viji, Secretary Sr.Jaya and Our guest of honour for the day was Mr.B.G.Bhaskar.

It was followed by a small prayer to remember the almighty on an auspicious day. Later Sr.Siji addressed the parents regarding certain rules and regulations of the School, certain Do’s &Don’ts, Tips on parenting and so on. A PPT about Aradhana School was also presented for the parents to have more information about the School.

Workshop Day - Aradhana Academy Workshop Day - Aradhana Academy Workshop Day - Aradhana Academy Workshop Day - Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy Workshop Day- Aradhana Academy

Dr. BG Bhaskar, who has served in Education Field for the Past 21 Years at Various capacities like Teacher, Researcher, Assistant Professor, Administrator, Teacher Educator, Principal of various reputed Teacher Training Institutions, Guest Faculty in Bangalore University-Department of Education. He has a very strong background on pedagogy of Teaching and Child Psychology. Presently serving as a Resource Person at Ratna Sagar Pvt Limited. He Presented a TALK ON PARENTING, He involved the parents in certain activities where the parents were actively seen participating.

Over all it was a very enjoyable and an eye opening session for the parents. The parents shared their experiences about their child hood days and the childhood days of their own children.

The coordinators introduced themselves to the gathering. Mrs. Mrudula Kidsworld Coordinator, Mrs.Aneesa Banu (Coordinator Primary and Middle School 1-7-ICSE) and Mrs.Vasudha Bangera (High School Coordinator for 8-10-ICSE) and State Coordinator (6- 10) Mrs.Mangala Prema. The coordinators thanked the parents for choosing Aradhana School for seeking admission which is a stepping stone for their new beginning.

Mr.Nithin from Edchemy , a Parent portal which is a platform for all the important information for the parents to access in regards to fees payment, over all view academics, attendance. The session helped the parents to clarify on few things.

Later Mr.Francis and his partner explained the parents about the transport system and the functioning of GPRS which will be used for the parents to access about the pickup and drop of children before and after school.

The orientation day ended with a VOTE OF THANKS by Mrs.Veena Vaz who thanked the parents for their positive participation and attending the program.

Parents went for a campus tour which is to have a look of all the classrooms, where they visited every classroom.

All the classrooms were very well arranged & decorated with lot of welcome notes and colourful charts, prepared by the teachers. The teachers assisted the parents to see the classrooms.

Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy Workshop - Aradhana Academy

Workshop - 28 March 2019:-

Workshop was Conducted for Kids world teachers along with Primary teachers of Class-1&2 on 28-3-19 in the School auditorium. The resource person for the programme Ms. Asha Devi , she is a teacher since 16 years and has been teaching STATE, CBSE and International Schools. She is a Montessori consultant, Trainer, Curriculum writer, counselor and story teller. She has been facilitating workshop for teachers, parents, Government primary sectors and NGOs.

Kindergarten Day - Kids world Classes; -Nursery & LKG:-

An event eagerly looked forward to, in our annual year book is the Kid’s World Annual Day. It is the culmination of the year’s efforts, filled with a mixed bag of joys, successes, tensions and pains. Through all these situations the teacher stands tall and stoic and brings out every bit of talent, in every child assigned to her. Today’s show was a magical output of Indian dances of various states from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, with a grand finale of patriotic songs set to a lovely pattern of dance. The children of LKG AND NURSERY, who are aged just about 3 to 4 years, put up an amazing show of synchronising their tiny feet and small arms to the beats of the music and it seemed as if the songs too, were on their lips. The colourful costumes and accessories added to the aura of the dances. The chief guest was the Provincial Superior Sr. Mini (Provincial superior), and other guests included Sr.Siji our Principal, Sr.Jiji (Superior of Aradhana Convent), Sr.Shiny (Treasurer), and Sr. Lalitha (Treasurer of the Society). The enthusiasm of the parents was extremely heart warming and they had turned up in large numbers.

The PPT presentations added a special beautiful dimension to the entire show.

Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy Kindergarten Day - Aradhana Academy

The theme was ‘DANCE AND FEEL ALIVE’. The joy, fun and freedom from tensions and worries are maximum achieved through synchronization of body movements to the fascinating beats of music. Young or old, bring cheer and liveliness into your life with music and dance.

Christmas Celebrations at Aradhana School on December 21, 2018:-

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at Aradhana School celebrated Christmas as a happy time for our children.

There were hangings, cut outs, Christmas decoratives, wreaths which were all handmade all over the Dias and backdrop. Two tall poster sizes Santa’s waving everyone, handmade, were instilled on both the pillars of the Dias.

All classrooms were ducked up with various Christmas decoratives from Stars, Christmas trees, wreath, bells, stockings decorated by respective class teachers and their children. A tall Christmas tree stood in the entrance of the reception with stars all over the campus lit up in grandeur.

On the day of celebration, the children came beautifully appointed in party gear for the Christmas party that followed. Our third standard teachers arranged a Tableau of Nativity of Jesus Christ in a splendid manner next to the Dias.

The program kicked off by our two beautiful anchors singing, “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year” followed by welcome speech by Akhil of VII-ICSE. Suchitra and Shruthi of X-State were the main compeer’s of the programme.

A Prayer dance beautifully shown in our traditional Bharatanatyam of the Lord’s glory, which was an awe performance to look on. The tiny tots of I and II standard displayed how much joy is filled in their hearts by a beautiful performance.

There was a Carol fusion by our young Choir singing, “Angels we have heard on high, O come all ye faithful, Joy to the world,” with pretty little angles trodding all over the Dias and when “O come, all ye faithful,” was sung, the angels showed their adoration near the nativity of Jesus Christ.

Our Principal, Reverend Sis. Siji delivered a beautiful message; the precious gift of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love, the gifts God handed us with the birth of Jesus Christ to all present.

Ansa – of I-PU a solo performer, Mary did you know, sung beautifully, which was soothing to the ears and loved by all.

A new style of dance, Hip-Hop dance in tune with Christmas Jingle performed by III and IV standard students was an anticipated performance and indeed it was a delight to watch.

When Santa Comes along he brings a lot of gifts, but the real gift to humanity is the Values and Life skills which was portrayed through a skit by our V and VI Students which will always be remembered and everyone enjoyed as the skit was a fun to watch. The name of the skit is the “Christmas Gift” expressed in the name of noble human values of life.

The high school students both State and ICSE board performed awesome dance to the tune of Last Christmas and Feliz Navidad. Lastly, Santa too made a grand entry through the last performance by our PU students with four Santa’s running all over and giving away sweets to the children, literally children had a blast with this performance.

The vote of thanks was given by our student Sthuti of class-VII-ICSE. Everyone got drowned in the happy festive vibes.The celebration was carried on in their respective classes throughout the day.

A visit to an institution named “Christy Home”-on 14 /12/18- Friday:-

A visit to an orphanage is a life changing experience as it is filled with emotions and sentiments. The Aradhanites were lucky to get an opportunity to visit Christy home in Kolar. There were around 25 girls whose parents are affected with HIV. Students had mixed feelings after seeing those girls. They were well dressed after seeing the staff and students of Aradhana Academy. The contributions and the gifts collected from our School students were given to them. They entertained us by music and dance. The Christmas carols were sung and games were conducted for them. The Christy home campus was massive with big trees, grown with fruits and vegetables. They sheltered some animals like rabbits and birds. Finally we left the campus by evening. On the way back we had yummy lunch.

Big thanks to our beloved Principal Sister Siji for giving an opportunity to serve the girls of Christy Home and taking us to a wonderful place.