Teaching life skills to students is a very important aspect of education. To serve this purpose, a seminar was held for students from Classes v-PUC. The guest speakers were Mr.Revin and Mr.Francis. The topics discussed and lessons learnt were :

  • Be responsible, respectful, loving, stand for oneself and be what you are.
  • Express your love for your parents.
  • Always be positive and always say “I am good”.
  • Everyone of us has potential. You have to identify your strenght and work on it. If you make up your mind, anything can be achieved.

To reiterate the above lessons, a video about a deaf and dumb girl who was shunned by friends and others was shown. People made fun of her because she wanted to be a violinist. However, she was confident and determined to work her way. Inspite of a broken violin, she won a competition and proved her worth.

The important qualities one must have are honesty, responsibility, courage, concern and respect for others, ability to decide what is important for you. The sessions ended with a role play. The students took back some good memories and lessons from the seminar.

Enhancing Reading Skills

We enhance reading skills through innovative methods of teaching using latest teaching aids.

Fine Tuning Motor Skills

Children are provided age appropriate experiences to help them develop fine motor skills and Gross motor skills through activities like:

  • Scribbling,
  • Tearing,
  • Pasting,
  • Crushing,
  • Rolling,
  • Sprinkling and
  • Tracing

Gross motor skills are developed through outdoor games, organized games and physical exercises.