About Us

History :

“Courage, my dear children, with Holy patience everything is acquired.” St. Maria De Mattias.

In 1834, Maria De Mattiasfounded the religious congregation ‘The Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ.”It started in Italy in a place called Acuto. Today it has grown to become an international organization doing yeoman service in many countries like Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Peru to name a few. The congregation is committed to sharing Christ’s redeeming love to the wounded humanity. The Adorers live among people in a simple and hospitable lifestyle, traveling new roads of reconciliation and solidarity.

The congregation of TheSistersAdorersof the Blood of Christ set up many educational institutions in different parts of the world. In 1982 a group of dedicated nuns from this order set up ARADHANA ACADEMY, A CO-EDUCATIONAL CHRISTIAN INSTITUTION, in very humble settings. Today the school is renowned for its academic excellence with state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is known as one of the best sylvan surroundings allowing each student to experience nature in harmony with learning.

Our Philosophy:

We aim to provide students with a thorough preparation to face the modern world. The school has high expectations for every child, as they are encouraged to take pride in personal achievement through hard work. Whilst academic success is of primary importance, there is also a firm belief in developing social, sporting, and artistic skills through both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

We cater to the wide range of abilities and talents of all the students by providing them opportunities to develop their potential, enabling them to make a positive contribution to society.

Aradhana Academy has a proven track record of success in both academic and extra-curricular activities. Our record of success rests not only on the efforts of students but also on the dedication of the staff. A great deal of emphasis is placed on staff training and development and on maintaining a thoroughly up-to-date study program for all students.

Our philosophy at Aradhana is to extend beyond academic knowledge. We aim at the overall holistic development of a child, towards their mental, physical and spiritual growth. In order to achieve this development process, we seek the involvement and participation of the entire community of parents in the learning process of their child.

We are working towards maximizing all data sources to improve teaching to students. With this tool, we aim to offer high-quality student programming, so that our students are ready to face the challenges of a global society. The school also supports a leadership development program for aspiring new and past school leaders.

Our ultimate goal and desire is to energize the students to develop the feeling of COMPASSION INTO ACTION and become active members in the development of our country as responsible citizens