November Events - 2016


Children’s day was celebrated on Nov 14, 2016. The assembly was presented by the teachers instead of the students, which is done normally by the students. Right from the Prayer song to the presentation of the News of the day was given by teachers.

The cultural program for celebrating the day started with a wonderful performance on the traditional Bengali dance based on Rabindra Sangeet by Ms.Chinmoyee. Ms.Vidya expressed her thoughts about the importance of this day. The primary teachers performed the skit showcasing the importance about working hard during student life. The message was well received by the students about the significance of the choices they will make in life.

Following the skit was a heart throbbing performance by the senior school teachers on a fusion of Bollywood semi classical numbers. There was also children’s day celebration song by teachers, followed by a vote of thanks by the head girl. Celebrations ended with national anthem by Mr.Francis and group

The students were thrilled by the teachers’ performance and enjoyed every bit of it.



As part of the Volunteering program for students, a group of students and staff visit the childrens’ ward who are afflicted with Cancer at the Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology. During one of the visits, we were informed by the Sanman Trust that there is no dearth of food or clothing but there was a huge shortage of funds for providing medicines to these children, which are quite expensive. Hence the management decided to do something concrete towards this cause. So a Fundraising Event was organised on November 12, 2016.


Invitations were thrown open for Outsiders, parents and their family and friends for the Fest. Stalls put up by outsiders, parents and teachers as well offered a variety of food stuff, clothing, artefacts, etc. Fun Games like Run for charity, bursting the balloon, Pyramid formation, Housie, etc were organised.


Tickets were sold for the one hour Cultural Program. As tickets were overbooked, we had to organise two shows of the same event.

A video presentation on “Cancer Awareness”, prepared by our well wishers, Mr.Adil Khan and Mr.Rohit Puranik, who is reserching on Cancer at the Rochester University in the US was presented to the audience. It really opened our eyes on the myths and facts about “Cancer”.

The cultural program included a street play, dances by our students, teachers and Alumni. Last but not the least, peppy and soulful renditions from a mix of Bollywood and Sandalwood numbers by our parent Mr.Ignatius and his brother Mr.Aloysius, Ms.Sulakshna and Mr.Rohit which culminated with Ms.Anitha and Ms.Ekta from the band “Bhule Bisre Geet” thrilled and delighted the audience.

We salute each and every one who participated and contributed to this fundraiser, without which this Fundraiser would have ended up being just another day of fun and frolic. However, the purpose was well served. We could donate quite a substantial amount with the proceeds of this event.