Admissions - Procedure


          Our Admissions for the
AY-2021-2022 will Commence from
1st Oct 2020
for Classes Pre Nursery to UKG

Our admission procedure is simple, systematic and structured

  • Every student seeking admission must be introduced in person to the Admissions Coordinator, by parent/ guardian.
  • Students should be registered for Entrance Test. Registration form may be obtained on payment of Rs.500/-at the office.
  • There will be an entrance test for all students (except nursery and pre nursery).
  • Parents to bring their wards for the Entrance Test on the stipulated date.
  • Parents will be informed the result of the Entrance Test on phone.
  • Meeting with the Principal will be arranged for the parents of the selected students, after which the complete the admission formalities.

Please Note

  • Parents/Guardians will be responsible for the timely Payment of fees and behaviour and regularity of the child.
  • The credentials of students above Class IV will be verified with the management of the previous school.
  • In the event that the initial payment of fees is not paid within the stipulated date, the seat is liable to be forfeited.
  • The decision of the Management is final.
  • Parents are advised to approach the school directly and not through outside agents.
  • No entrance Test for Pre Nursery to LKG, entrance test is scheduled for UKG to Class 10 onwards

Age Criteria

To Date
In Year
From Date
In Year
Class 1
1st Jan 2015
1st Jun 2013
Class 2
1st Jan 2014
1st Jun 2012
Class 3
1st Jan 2013
1st Jun 2011
Class 4
1st Jan 2012
1st Jun 2010
Class 5
1st Jan 2011
1st Jun 2009
Class 6
1st Jan 2010
1st Jun 2008
Class 7
1st Jan 2009
1st Jun 2007
Class 8
1st Jan 2008
1st Jun 2006
Class 9
1st Jan 2007
1st Jun 2005
Class 10
1st Jan 2006
1st Jun 2004


1. When was the school established?
  • The school was established in 1982 by a Christian Missionary Congregation namely The Adorers of the precious blood of Christ.
2. What does the school stand for?
  • The school stands for moral values and discipline imparted to the students. Even a student who is academically good, may be pulled up for behavioural issues. A student who may not be academically bright is also appreciated for good behaviour and some exceptionally good qualities.
  • The school is a healthy mix of students from different religions and different financial backgrounds. It is our endeavour to consciously imbibe the qualities of tolerance and also to count their blessings.
3. Which are the syllabi the school follows ?
  • The school has classes from I to X following ICSE Syllabus and Classes from VI to X following State syllabus. Different buildings and classes are dedicated to both the syllabi.
4. Is there a balance between academics and sports and other activities?
  • There is a healthy balance between academics, sports and other activities like Music, Dance, Theatre and Karate. For students from Classes I to IV, apart from various activities, they also have recreational hour thrice in a week where they learn different skills apart from academics. For Classes V to X, there are dedicated games and PE classes when they are trained in different games like basketball, throwball, volleyball and other athletics. Students are also taken to participate in other interschool sports and other competitions. The timetable is also designed in such a manner that all the activity classes are within the curriculum hours so that all students leave the school at the same time.
  • Our students regularly participate in Olympiad exams and the talent search examinations conducted by KISA.
5. How are you different from other schools?
  • Compassion, dedication thoughtfulness and the passion to the profession of teaching are the main qualities which are imbibed in the staff and management of the school. Hence, a combination of a com passionate and a serene environment is given in the school for students.
6. How safe is the environment?
  • Our premises is CCTV enabled campus. Apart from this, we have system by which we ensure the safety of our students.