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Without whose presence the dreams of aradhana would not have become a reality.

Aradhana School is founded in order to serve our children in the vicinity, especially in the field of education. Hence, we chose a motto which would inspire our students with higher ideals of life, Sevanam Sarvadharma Sadhanam: service is the way of life in all religions. The Indian word dharma means religion and a life based on religiosity. It is a word comprehensive of all religions of the world and rightly stands for all basic values of religions, especially truth, justice and love which would naturally be expressed in service (sevanam). Hence, our motto :Sevanam Sarvadharma Sadhanam. Service is the Sadhana , the way of life, of all religions, no matter what religion one belongs to.

Sr.Mariamma Muttel ASC


Sr.Rani Padayathil ASC


Sr.Bridget Pulickakunnel ASC


Sr.Moly Parayil ASC

1994 - 2016