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Aradhana Academy - News Letter :: September - November 2018:-

Welcome back!! It’s been an exciting 3 months at Aradhana. The second semester of the academic year 2018 was a mixed bag of intense studies and interesting activities for our students ….. keeping in line with our goal of providing a complete educational experience.

Aradhana academy celebrated teachers day on 5th September 2018. It was a fun filled day for students as well as teachers.The students of the higher grades took over the duties of the teachers for the day. Principal Sister Siji lauded the staff for their exemplary contribution. All teachers were given a memento as a token of her love and appreciation and all teachers who completed 15 years of service in Aradhana Academy were honoured. The students of PU I & II organised an impromptu celebration much to the delight of the staff.

September also hosted the mid-term examinations. Portions were covered, students given extra help, revisions were done, remedial classes arranged ……all to help our children cope with the stress of exams.

With exams coming to a close, there was no time for rest for our students and teachers. It was time to get ready for the Project Day. This was an opportunity to showcase the tremendous talent of our students at Aradhana School. It was a stupendous success thanks to the enormous effort of the students, teachers and parents who worked together to put up a dazzling display.

Dreamers today …… Leaders Tomorrow

…… was the theme for the Project Day 2018.

The journey began with Class 1. The youngest class showed us “Unity in Diversity” by representing the 29 states of India. There were beautiful models created of the various monuments found in various parts of the country. The little ones had dressed up in regional costumes. There were also little chefs who showed us the cuisines of all the states. They showed us that they’re proud to be Indians. The visual display and performance by the little ones was spectacular.

Class 2 took us into the world of Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla and Rakesh Sharma. The topic was Solar System and the room was effectively decorated with dark sheets, glittering stars,etc. Beautifully made models showed us the solar system, phases of the moon, rotation & revolution, Hubble Telescope, Voyager Space Probe 1, etc. It was an out of the world experience.

Class 2 also told us the story of Land, Water & Air Pollution. There were elaborate models on sources of pollution, the effect of pollution and preventive measures that we can adopt. Colorful and well made models showed forestation, deforestation, organic and terrace farming, industrial waste, hospital waste, noise pollution, air pollution, etc. The concept of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle was brought out through the theme: “Be a part of the solution, not pollution”.

Class 3 took us on a tour of the Lesser known Festivals of the world. Janmashtmi, Kullu Dussehra, Rath Yatra, Kite festival, Sarpamtullal, Pullikalli festival, Bonalu festival, Goa Carnival, La Tomatina, Halloween, Easter were beautifully depicted with the children dressed in appropriate costumes and playing the part. It was a riot of color, music, dance and actions ….. a feast for the senses.

Young Inventors of India were showcased by Class 4. We have bright inventors in our country who have given us practical and useful inventions. Inventions like Walkie mobile charger, Free speech, Garbage collecting device, Solar bike, Exercise machine to run washing machine, Bee saver bot, Desi AC, Goggles for visually impaired, Banana leaf technology for saving trees were shown with the help of working models. Students demonstrated and explained these inventions methodically. Needless to say, we walked away richer with this knowledge.

Students of Class 5 put up a scintillating theatre performance. The show started with Dum Rhythm, where students created music with objects used in everyday life. This was followed by a beautiful performance under the tree. Students dressed up as different characters and did a mesmerizing show on a Hindi song. They showed us that there is “Strength in Unity”

The Mathematics Group, with a group of students from Class 6 – 10, put up a mind boggling display of Geometrical shapes, Theory of everything, Division machine, Mathematical applications, Use of Math, Vedic Math, Pure Math, etc. There was also an elaborately made model with intricate detail of Smart City which showed us how Math is related to everyday life. Little quizzes and riddles got our brains ticking.

After this, we entered the world of Prepositions, Acrostics, Vocabulary Tree, Adjectives, Proverbs, Conjunctions … designed by students of Class 6 who were part of the English Group. Little word games, charts and a hopscotch game made for an interesting tour. There was also a scene of ‘Merchant of Venice’ being enacted by the students.

The Social Studies Group with students from Class 7 – 10, showcased their subject to perfection. There were life size models of Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Gopal Krishna Gokhale. There was a display of life in rural India and beautifully made models of the famous monuments from around the world. Some students dressed up as historical figures and spoke about them. Projects on Modern Irrigation, Industries, Tornado, Cloud fall, Religious festivals, etc. were on display.

Next, we entered the world of Computers. Students of Class 7 – 10 had prepared projects on Artificial Intelligence, Technovation, Satellite Communication, IPO Cycle, HTML Website, Database Management Software, Animation, games and quizzes too. There was also a Billing counter, Topology, Computer Museo ……. and a robot to welcome and thank the guests.

The world of Science beckoned us into the Biology and Physics laboratories. Students of Class 7 – 10 had put up an impressive array of projects which showed their deep understanding of the subject and their ability to apply it. Students of the Physics Group had on display working models of Solar fan, Light detector, Water alarm, Door alarm, ATM machine, Grain mill, Night web fire detector, Writing machine, Infrared wave detector. Students of Biology Group impressed us with their projects on Biotic and Abiotic components of nature, Pond ecosystem, Forest ecosystem, Human digestive system, Global warming and Threats to biodiversity. There was also a model on Urbanization and an Ecological Pyramid model. We also saw a working model of Bio gas plant and learnt about Hydroponic farming. Students of the Chemistry Group put up impressive projects too. They put up projects and working models on topics like Electroplating, Electrolysis, Chemical reactions, Tea manufacturing model, pH natural indicators, Lava lamp, Food adulteration, Multiple reflection, Types of chemical reaction, Automatic Railway gate and Volcano. We were in awe of the knowledge displayed by the students.

The Hospitality Group took care of the refreshments which helped to keep the energy and spirits high. The school premises were beautifully and festively decorated thanks to the efforts of our very talented Decoration Committee. Kudos to everyone for making the Project Day a grand success.

We celebrated Gandhi Jayanti in Aradhana Academy on 2nd October. It was a dual celebration. We paid homage to the father of our nation- Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Also, Swatch Bharath campaign was led by our own Scouts and guides team along with the students and teachers of Aradhana.

Children’s Day: The much awaited Day for our dear children ….

Our aim was to give a memorable day to our dear students …. And we did just that. Along with the prayers and performances by our students, there was a fashion show by the teachers of state board with national integration as the theme and a rocking dance performance by our primary teachers. Our theatre guru, Chandrakirthi Sir, entertained the children. He dressed as a clown, danced to a foot tapping number and got the students dancing with him. The children were thrilled.

Apart from the various events that happen in school, our students are given exposure in various fields, thus contributing to an all round development. Some instances are mentioned below…

An experiential learning trip was conducted by CMCA for our students of Class VII ICSE. To enable understanding of the concept of rain water harvesting, the school took the children on a CMCA field trip to Vishveshvaraya Rainwater Harvesting theme park. The park consisted of life size outdoor models of rainwater harvesting, three indoor galleries and an amphitheatre. Our children came back with a thorough understanding of the concept.

A word building competition was organised for the students of Class V. There was a preliminary round followed by the finals. Children enjoyed the event, learned from it and were inspired to continue to learn.

Our students participated in the Ignite fest organised by St.Patrick’s School. Role play, Recitation, Drawing and Painting, Singing (solo and duet) and Dance … are some of the events our children were a part of.

The Silver Zone Olympiad exams were conducted in November. Our students of ICSE wrote exams in the subjects of English, G.K, Science and Math. We are awaiting results. In the past years some of our students have done us very proud. We are hopeful of great results this year too.

In the field of Sports, Airbenders Sports Academy Annual Sports Meet 2018 was held on 2 and 3 November. 15 schools participated in various discipline. This sports meet was organised to bridge the gap between the government and private schools children by providing a platform for them to contest together. It was a roaring success and our children did us proud again. Merlin and Arjun secured 1st place in Shot Put. The Under 14 Relay team secured 1st place and the Boys Volleyball team were runners up.

Apart from school participation, some of our students have taken up sports at a serious level and we are proud of them and also extend our full support to them. Som Reddy of Class VIII ICSE took part in the tennis tournament organised by Karnataka State Association. He was the winner in the under 14 category and runner up in the under 19 category. Our heartiest congratulations to him.

This year, we have introduced Burlington English for our students of Class I-X, as part of our new initiatives. This app will focus on Vocals, Reading, Story telling and Pronounciation. This is part of our endeavour to improve the standard of English of our students.

Another new initiative is the introduction of True Sports for the students of Class I. The activities facilitated by True Sports will develop the children’s motor skills and identify their abilities in sports.

Apart from this, Aradhana School believes in the development of teachers too. Towards this, our teachers of Class IX and X attended a two day training cum workshop. This was done subject wise and it included the marking scheme and other valuable pointers. Seven teachers attended this program.

Before we sign off, we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for our stupendous performance which brought us the No.1 Rank. Aradhana Academy has been ranked No.1 in India under the Top State Board School – Parameter wise for ‘Holistic Development’ in a survey conducted by Education Today Co. The awards ceremony will be held in December.

Thank You

From the desk of Principal

Aradhana Academy