July Events - 2016

"Doctors Day Celebrations July 1, 2106"

As we have been doing for the last few years, we celebrated the Doctor's Day this year too. However, unlike past years, we decided to do it a little differently; we replaced 'preaching' with FUN! Yes, instead of the usual sermon like preachings from the teachers and doctors, this year, we made learning interesting, interactive and fun.

The day started with a session for our students from 1st - 4th standards. Our school's counselor conducted a session on basic hygiene and cleanliness. Kids animation videos on topics such as 'washing hands', 'brushing teeth', etc. were thoroughly enjoyed by the students. This was followed by a fun filled practical demonstration on ' how germs spread and how to avoid spreading them'. One of the student was asked to 'pretend sneeze' after which a colour (to denote germs) was applied on his palms.

We demonstrated how these germs spread from one thing to another while we go about doing our daily activities. The measure of the session's success was seen when some of these children came and informed our counselor on how, since the session, they are making sure to wash their hands and keep them clean to avoid germs.

Dr. Sreenath, Paediatrician & Neonatalogist from Fortis Hospital was invited to . The main theme of the session was 'Happiness'. How health and happiness are interconnected and how to be healthy and happy. This was a very interactive session and motivational. The students vowed that they would take good care of their health, maintain hygiene and have a balanced diet.

The last session was addressed to the parents. However, instead of the usual way where the teachers address the parents, this year, it was the children who did it. The children wanted to convey to the parents the importance of cooking and packing healthy food in their lunch boxes. This session was not a planned one and was meant to be a surprise for the parents. In fact, this was kept secret from even most of the teachers in the school, including the principal!

This was planned to be conducted in a 'flash mob dance' kind of way. At the end of the day, with the children gathered in the assembly area all set to go home and the parents waiting to pick them up, a song started playing out of the blue. A group of students from our PU section started to dance and within seconds, more kids joined in. Placards were displayed by a few students on the importance of eating healthy food. Kids from all the standards participated wholeheartedly and enjoyed this new way of learning.

Thus we completed a very eventful 'Doctor's Day' this year at Aradhana. We hope that the students and parents had as much fun and learning from participating in these sessions, as the teachers had in planning and conducting them.