Computer LAB

A full WIFI-enabled computer lab withover 42 networked computers and access to the internet helps students to carry out research and study computer applications. Various programming languages are taught hands-on.

Science and Technology

Our science and technology labs are well equipped with various apparatus and working models. Students understand real life concepts through live experiments and tests the concept being taught to them in theory.


The physics lab is well equipped with measuring equipment, magnetic equipment optical lenses, electric equipment like galvanometers, ammeter, voltmeter, rheostat, high and low resistance box, meter bridge, etc. Students are exposed to experience research methods the engage in performing the measurement, data analysis, and experimental uncertainty education while being exposed to a variety of basic physical phenomena. Students understand the theoretical background with the help of experiments done in the lab.


Chemistry Lab is well equipped with all precautionary measures against any eventualityEach seat is provided with Reagent shelves, Sink and Water taps, sufficient storage space catered for in a well-ventilated room. Special provision exists for weighing balances, required for many experiments by students.


Our Biology Lab is well equipped with several specimens, advanced microscopes like compound and dissecting which enable students to understand the basic anatomy of life forms.

Our teachers use all theequipment mentioned above in their classrooms for explaining theoretical portions, whereas, in Labs, the main emphasis is given on self-performance rather than a demonstration by teachers.


Aradhana Academy has a fleet of school busses with comfortable seating to transport students to and from school. The buses are designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of children. The attendance swiping cards record students on-boarding and off-boarding and a surveillance camera to ensure the safety of the children is installed on the buses Parents can track the movement through an up-to-date tracking system.

Smart Board classes:

To improve student engagement and enhance interactive learning all classrooms are equipped with smart boards. Smartboards improve the teaching-learning process and student outcomes. Teachers plan lessons to fit the features of the smartboards and make learning a productive experience.

Auditoriums and halls:

Aradhana Academy boasts of Auditoriums with a seating capacity of over 1500 people. Two mini-Halls for approx. 300 to 400 seating capacity smaller events allow for a small gathering, presentations, and performances. The auditoriums are fully equipped with stage lighting, surround sound, and acoustics. Whole school events develop attention, focus, and discipline among students.

Indoor games Hall and outdoor courts:

The indoor games hall hosts sports such as Yoga, Karate, board games, table tennis. Outdoor courts host ground sports such as volleyball, skating, and basketball. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests through trained, experienced qualified coaches.


A spacious, safe covered parking for two-wheelers and bicyclesis provided. In addition, there is adequate space for four-wheeler parking for staff, guests, and visitors.


A well-stocked library manned by a qualified librarian is a pivotal learning resource center at Aradhana Academy. Books for kids, young adults, classics, biographies, and autobiographies in various regional languages and English are borrowed by students and staff. The library has computersthatare networked and used for students and staff.


Fresh snacksand beverages which are healthy and satisfying are available in the canteen daily. Students can buy their food during breaks using their ID cards as a cashless process or cash. The canteen facility can be availed by parents and visitors for sit-down menus. Hygiene and strict quality control are regarded as top priority.