Outdoor Education:

Students of Aradhana Academy participate in a planned progression of outdoor experiences that take place based on the concepts and subject of study. The activities allow students to experience real-life situations hands-on and apply their experiences to classroom learning.

Art and Craft

Students are encouraged to explore their talents within painting, drawing, add a few more allowing them to experience a wide range of techniques and applications. All students study Art up to Grade 8.


Let us read and let us dance these two amusements will never do any harm to the world”. Dance is an integral aspect of a balanced physical education program. It is unique in that its primary concern is with the expressive quality of movement and with the enjoyment and appreciation of aesthetic and artistic movement qualities.


A well-stocked music studio provides students with a wide array of Indian and Western musical equipment. Students can choose from a range of instruments such as electric guitars, pianos, violin, saxophone, drum kit, table, and flute for artistic expression and exploration.


We are associated with OSSKKAI, an eminent karate training center where our students learn to be mentally and physically agile through martial arts. In addition to the above students are encouraged in outdoor games like Basketball, Volleyball, Throw Ball, Cricket, etc. and also indoor games like Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, etc.

School Band:

Aradhana Academy is best known for its high standards of performance. Regular practice sessions are conducted for those students selected or who desire to be a part of the school band and have the aptitude and interest for the same.

Theatre in Education:

"The theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it's so accidental. It's so much like life."

- Arthur Miller

Theatre has been an influential factor in many people's lives. Creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self-expression can be developed. It is important to have mandatory theatre classes because when a student participates, they benefit significantly, not only in terms of exploring the unexplored or hidden ability to act, but also by shedding the inhibitions associated with performing in front of an audience. Theatre can be influential in all aspects of life. Participating in theatre classes can stimulate student's creativity and thought process. The whole experience of theatre makes people more aware and sensitive towards various issues. It empowers the meek and makes people do away with their reservations.

Educational theatre is one of the unfamiliar approaches as an alternative used to benefit students in terms of their skills through the art, performance and other elements of theatre.

Educational theatre is an interactive way of teaching, as it involves participation and it is easier for the students to remember the lesson. Besides that, it also widens the interaction and social skill of the students. For instance, negotiation, communication, public speaking and working together as a group.

By integrating theatre, teaching and learning will be easier as the students can absorb knowledge by implementing fun learning and experiencing them.

Educational theatre enhances positive impact in studies and be effective in psychological development of the students. The focus is to be more creative from the basic conversational curriculum in school.