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Current Events

SHARING DAY-24th January, 2020

Bidding adieu is never easy but an important step forward in passage of time. Aradhana School, Bangalore organized a farewell for the outgoing class of II-PUC and X STATE &ICSE on 24 th January, 2020.

A time to reflect back down the memory lane, the feel of nostalgia, emotions running deep, sentiments and expression of gratitude, advises, reminiscence of joyous moments spent in the school, filled the hearts of the students. The management, staff and students of class IX and I-PUC, joined to bid ‘good byes’ to the glamorous young ladies dressed in their best attires and dashing young men in their newly stitched outfits.

The evening began with a welcome speech followed by lightning of the lamp by the sisters of Aradhana,Sr Mini Provincial superior ,Addressed the students and advised them to be good in life by being a good human being . Sr Siji the principal also advised the students, to be confident and disciplined in life.

Momento from the school was handed over to all the students as the token of gratitude and love followed by the blessings of the teachers showered upon them. The best outgoing students were awarded with a memento.

Finally ended with the vote of thanks with message saying

“Go confidently in the DIRECTION Of your dreams! Live in LIFE”

Cultural Fest - By PUC

PUC cultural fest was conducted on 17th October 2019 Thursday. 

All the teachers and parents of the students were cordially invited to encourage and be a part of the fest. 

The cultural fest was a biggest platform given to the students of I & II PUC to show case their talents and skill. 

Our theme for the cultural fest is "our tomorrow ". Based on the theme we had many events like dance cum drama, contemporary dances, hilarious skits, and songs performed by PU students. 

As a ray of light, is a ray of hope, the cultural fest was inaugurated by a lamp lightening ceremony. Principle Sr.Siji, vice principle Sr.viji, Sr.Kanthi, Sr.Jaya, well wisher of Aradhana Mrs.Sujatha Rao and on behalf of all the parents Mrs.Poornima karanth was also  invited for the lamp lightening ceremony and to symbolically  inaugurate the fest. 

Tennyson has rightly said:"more things are wrought by prayer than the world thinks of "so the next event was a prayer dance performed by 1- PUC girls. After the blessings of almighty it's very important to always welcome the audience, Priyanka. S of 2-PUC was called up to welcome the gathering. 

Now the main events of the cultural fest arosed. In the beginning a video was telecasted to the audience as an introduction of the theme of our tomorrow. The audience had no idea about the theme and the cultural fest. It was a surprise for them.

After the introduction the avenue was filled with an enthusiasm as we had the next event as contemporary dances regarding the past, present and future style by our PU students. 

  Regarding the cultural fest different competitions like slogan writing, speech, and power point presentation was conducted on 14th October 2017. The winners of the competition were given a chance to express their thoughts and ideas on the day of cultural fest. And the winners were also given prizes. As the price distribution was done later we had students to give a hilarious mime performance based on past and present generation deferences. later the fest continued by a song based on "peace”.

And at the last the most awaited event "fashion show" was organised, students wore different styles of 90s, 20s, and future assumed costumes.

And finally the program came to an end with a vote of thanks by shusma.

Inter School competition

Mysore - 14 Sep 2019:-

The most awaited competition was hosted by St.MARIA’S DE MATHIAS SCHOOL, MYSORE. Students from all over the branches of Aradhana participated in this Inter School competition. There were four School’s which participated in this competition. The competitions consisted of the events like Essay, Dance, Choir and Quiz competition.

From Aradhana Academy, Bangalore there was totally 24 participants who participated in various competitions. This was held on 14 th September, 2019. Aradhanites of Bangalore, bagged the 2 nd prize in Dance, Choir, Quiz, Secured 1 st Place in Essay competition.

The management and Principal congratulated the students and all the participants were happy with their success.

They thanked the management and School Principal for giving them the platform to showcase their talents.

TEACHER’S DAY-4 th & 5 th September, 2019

The teacher’s day celebration was an extravagant 2 day grand affair. The celebrations started on the 4th September with a prayer in front of Our Lady, after which teachers were welcomed with roses. The award winning troop, escorted all the teachers and staff as a mark of honor from the gates of the school to the red carpet, on the ground. Teachers were also welcomed warmly by the angels of the Kids’ world. Parents extended their gratitude to the teachers with their presence and wishes.

Every teacher’s day was made as strutted across the red carpet with an overflow of cheers from the children of all classes. The teachers’ and students’ enthusiasm was soaring in the sky, as each teacher was felicitated with a ‘Super teacher’ badge and a gift, presented by our Principal, Vice Principal, Sisters and Father.

After a great start, everyone was made to sit for the show organized by the student leaders. As a school we sang ‘Humko Mann ki Shakti dena’, a heartfelt prayer song, before commencing of the program. The program started with performances from the primary section.

There were songs, dances and fashion shows which were adorable. As the program progressed, both teachers and children were filled with awe and broke out of their shells to show their excitement. The senior classes showcased a plethora of talent with their enthralling skits, songs, dances and magic show, ‘life of a teacher’ speeches. The entertainment gauge kept rising with each passing performance. A few memorable mentions were the B-boying performance by Kumar, the 8th graders’ hip hop number, a heartfelt song, ‘thank you’ on the keyboard by Joy, a hilarious skit by the boys from 8th and 9th grade, state board, a teacher’s fashion show by the 1st and 2nd graders, 'we love you teachers’ song by 10th graders.

The sun and the clouds were playing hide and seek, but nothing could dampen the festive spirit. The program ended on a high note with the teachers setting the stage on fire. The anchors, Alwin and Shriya took the entire program to the next level. After the mind-blowing program, the teachers were lead to the auditorium. A beautiful cake with all the school teachers’ picture was imprinted on the cake. Sister Siji did the honors and everyone enjoyed it with snacks. Sister Viji made the moment even more sweeter, by wishing each teacher by applying cake to the face! Teachers headed back to the classes and were unexpectedly flooded with wishes and gifts from children of all classes.

Little did the teachers know there was more fun in store? At 2 o’clock teachers were made to assemble in the auditorium once again, but this time to play games. All the teachers had to buckle up to run around the school for the treasure hunt, followed by musical chairs, guess the song and dumb charades. This was a good time for the teachers to share some laughs and enjoy. The dance floor was opened to students and teachers, and we got to see a different side to everyone as everyone let their inner child out.

Sister Siji closed the day with distributing prizes to the winners. Sister and teachers gave a huge round of applause for the school leaders who put in tireless effort to make this day so memorable for each teacher. The teachers gave them a loud hip-hip-hurray, for their seamless organizing skills. The teachers were also informed by Sister Siji that the celebrations would continue the next day.

On 5th September, all the teachers wore Onam saris and assembled in the Chapel for a mass dedicated to teachers. The exchanging of candles which denoted the spreading of light was a beautiful way of teachers wishing each other.

At 11 o’clock we had a special session with Mr. Raju, Parent Association Head of Aradhana School. He reminded us that loving children is the best method of reaching out and transforming children. His life experiences were heartening and insightful.

In the spirit of Onam, we had a special lunch prepared by the Sisters and supporting staff of Aradhana School. All teachers were treated to a sumptuous ‘Onam sadhya’ with 12 mouth watering dishes, served with all the love by the Sisters, Principal and Vice principal. This was one-of-a-kind experience; the flavour of the food was love.

The teachers with full stomachs and hearts sat down to watch ‘Hichki’ a Hindi movie based on a relentless teacher. It was the perfect ending to the two day celebration. Each teacher came out with a rejuvenated heart and spirit. All teachers shared the feeling of true happiness and gratitude of being a part of the Aradhana family, which can’t be put in words.

We are proud to be Aradhanites, may God bless all of us.

News Letter

JUN to Aug-2019:-



Children of Grade-I and Grade-II were taken to a “PUPPET SHOW” on 29.8.2019 (Thursday) conducted at “Rangashankara” in JP Nagar 2nd phase.

The children were taken to Rangashankara by school bus with a lot of excitement on their faces. Apart from the busy schedule of syllabus and homework children needed a break or an outing which would really refresh their minds and one such programme conducted by Mr. Sampath at Rangashankara.

We all entered the hall with a great enthusiasm, eagerly awaiting children who wanted to really enjoy the show. Children were taken to the theatre and surprisingly there were no mikes put in the hall, the voice of the people could reach the entire hall and teachers were instructed not to control the children and should be given full freedom to laugh, scream and do some pattern of sounds.

The name of the programme was “Tsuinnnnn Tapak” .There were four people who were sitting in midst of the children and started their show With various expressions on their faces and different patterns of sounds that could be made and how it can be transformed in to music without any instruments.

They also entertained the children with magic using different colours of scarves, followed by paper planes which were randomly thrown towards the children, the children were overwhelmed to catch the paper planes and threw back to the crew. They also made children to be quiet using a particular gesture. They also involved children to be a part of the music by asking them to pick the bottle which was placed under their seats half filled with beads and when shaken would produce sounds. Finally the show ended with questionnaires where the children took active part in answering. The children were given a sheet of labels as a token of love and would remember their visit to Rangashankara. We all bid goodbye and reached the school by 12:15pm.



Aradhana Academy, Arekere, Micolayout, celebrated Independence Day with unprecedented patriotic fervor on August 15, 2019 from 8:30am.

The celebration activities held on campus consists of inviting our chief guest Mr.Raju, President of PTA along with our Principal Sr.Siji, Sr.Viji, Sr.Jaya with the traditional school band set .The entire school assembled at the ground.

The chief guest hoisted the tricolor and the national anthem echoed in the campus. After the anthem there was group- wise march past .Students marched in contingents to the beat of the drum. The speech given by the chief guest was motivating.

There was a patriotic song competition given by the four houses: Unicorn, Dolphinus, Pavo and Columbia followed by an inspirational talk by our beloved Principal Sr.Siji.

The celebration continued with more of fun and entertainment by the middle schoolers with their acts Dumbells, Hoops and Lezim followed by Yoga act by the 9th and 10th graders which was eye catching event for that day. To move on with the karate kids made all of us speechless with their stunning performance.

The last part of the celebration was distribution of prizes for the students who won the cluster level volley ball competition .The valedictory was given by our beloved co-ordinator Mrs.Vasudha mam.

To make the celebration more colorful and interesting different stalls were put up by our children which included games, food and other activities.

On the whole the celebration was really a memorable one where we rendered our respect to our nation and showed our pure patriotism


From VIII to PUC, By: Mr.Deepak Shinde on 06 July 2019:-

As mentioned by our students, we thank Sr.Siji for arranging this session by Mr. Deepak Shinde. Sir has always been a role model for all of his words which have always been motivational and inspirational. He mentioned many proverbs while he was speaking about class, like “what is motive or ambition in life to become”.

He inspired by saying how to tame, train, educate our mind and body. He stressed on to say that to lead a happy and positive life, we need to follow many things in life. We need to express love, respect and more to the people.

“If your words are positive. Your thoughts will be filled with positivity”. If our thoughts are positive, life also will be positive. If the thoughts are negative, all the words that we say or express will be negative. Then our life also will be filled with negativity. He also said to speak and use good words always, happy words should be used instead of bad words.

Overall the seminar was very motivational.


TIME MANAGEMENT - A Session By Ms. Manyatha On : 03 Aug 2019

As written and expressed by our dear students “We thank the management for giving us an opportunity for attending this seminar. We all learn how to manage the time through this session. It was well understood and will help us achieve the goals set for future. A timetable should be prepared and implement as set by us. This session helped us to focus on exams and the time allotted accordingly. We understood that for every profession there will always be an exam to test our knowledge through assessments. We as students enjoyed a lot during this session as it was fun loving too. The success for future is hidden in our daily routine, discipline and managing the efficient time. We heard few audio visuals which were very motivational and inspirational.

Ms. Manyatha conducted this session. She did mention “Time management is also thought management”. This line says that, the time we make for anything should be from our heart, the thought we take up first defines our future.. Last but not the least we all enjoyed a lot in this seminar and it was really motivational and inspirational for each and every student.