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Current Events

Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October 2018:-

The leading convener of the occasion was Shree Latha mam – Guide captain of Aradhana Academy.

Gandhi Jayanti was celebtrated in Aradhana Academy for two reasons -

  • To celebratebthe birth anniversary of the father of our nation - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
  • Swatch Bharath campaign led by our own Scouts and guides team along with the students and teachers of Aradhana.

The distinguished guests of the day were Mr.P.G.R.Sindhia – Honorable state chief commissioner of the Bharath Scouts and Guides, Shri.Satheesh M.S- District secretary of Bharath Scouts & Guides B’lore ,South & H.M. of Issac Newton School, Shri Anand- Assitant district secretary of Bharath Scouts & Guides B’lore & working currently at Bosch, Smt.Amalopavamary – Wilson garden local associate secretary, working at St.Francis school as guide captain, Sri.Syed Husman - Training counselor of Wilson garden local Association Bharath Scouts & Guides , working at Cambridge school as a Scout captain.

Our Principal Sr. Siji , Sr.Celine vice principal and Sr.Jiji our community superior also accompanied the distinguished of the day.

The celebration on the Gandhi Jayanti 02 Oct 2018 at Aradhana Academy began with the March past parade along with the guest until they over took their honorable seats. Flag hoisting took place by Mr. Sindhia followed by National anthem. Smt. Sri Vidya welcomed the gathering that was further followed by speeches of all the dignitaries of the day.Mr.Sindhia mastered an inspiring speech imparting about truth , services of god & character of people. He also Appreciated Aradhana Academy and conveyed his wishes towards the future development of the school.

Bajan was sung by the students ‘ Raghupathi ragava rajaram…..’ followed by a speech by Jenith Pual VIII ICSE briefing all about the significance of the day. An amazing classical dance was performance by our students enhanced the Gandhi Jayanti celebration.

The occasion was concluded by vote of thanks proposed by Vasudha mam , the Senior Academic coordinator of Aradhana Academy.

As the last part of the celebration, students proceeded towards the Swach Bharath Abiyan as processions along with their respective teachers. Students cleaned the school surrounding and planted sapling to mark this memorable day. This spectacular day came to an conclusion by serving sumptuous lunch to all the students who participated in Swach Bharath Abiyan.

The Sport Report - 2018-19:-

Welcome to the first edition of the Sports Report of Aradhana Academy. The 2018/19 season starts here, and throughout the year we will be featuring results from competitions.

Cluster Level Sports Meet-2018:

The Students of Aradhana Academy participated in the above mention sport, played brilliantly & secured the following Prizes.

  • Volley Ball, Boys Under 14, 2nd place.
  • Volley Ball , Boys under 17, 2nd place.
  • Basket Ball ,Boys under 17, 2nd place.
  • Basket Ball, Girls under 17, 2nd place.
  • Throw Ball Boys under 14, 1st place.
  • Throw Ball Girls under 14, 2nd place.
  • Relay Race 4x100 meters Boys 1st place.
  • Relay Race 4x100 meters Girls 2nd place.

The skills and talent among our children continue to amaze and inspire. This Winter term has seen our sports go from strength to strength; competing in a variety of competitions.

Running Race 100 meters Boys & Girls:

  • 1.Prajwal.M.B - 1st place .
  • 2.Vaishanavi.K - 1st place .

Running Race 200 meters Girls:

  • 1.Vaishanavi .K 1st place.

Running Race 400 meters Girls:

  • 1.Chamundi . K . 3rd place.

Together, students of Aradhana Academy put on a spectacular display of courage, hard work, skill and brilliance during the Cluster Level Sports Meet. Sports and athletic have been an integral part of Aradhana Academy. Here goes the winners.

Long Jump Boys & Girls :

  • 1.Prajwal. M.B. 2nd place.
  • 2.Charan .B. 3rd place.
  • 3. Vaishanavi .K 1st place.

High Jump Boys & Girls:

  • 1.Prajwal. M.B. 1st place.
  • 2.Kruthika .K. 3rd place.

Taluk Level Sports Meet, 2018 – 29th ,30th & 31st Of August

High Jump Boys & Girls

  • 1. Prajwal. M.B. 3rd place.
  • 2.Priyanka M.B. 2nd place.

Running Race 100 meters Girls.

  • 1. Vaishanavi .K 3rd place.

The day was filled with exciting victories and our beloved principal Sr.Siji honoured the winners of the Aradhana Academy. Finally the entire school stood together, to appreciate the winners. On behalf of management and staff we wish all the winners hearty congratulations and wish them many more achievements ahead.

Report On Investiture Ceremony, June 22, 2018:-

“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school cabinet was formed at Aradhana School and the Investiture ceremony was held on 22 June, 2018 in the school campus.

The distinguished guests on the dais were Principal Sr. Siji, vice Principal Sr. Celine, Secretary Sr. Jiji, Treasurer, Sr. Shiny, ICSE academic coordinator Mrs. Vasudha, state academic coordinator Mrs. Prema, PUC coordinator Ms Sonali and kids world coordinator Mrs. Mrudula were also present on the occasion.

The event began with the prayer song by school choir. The lighting of the lamp inaugurated the event.

Sai Akshya of grade 9 welcomed the gathering.

Chaya S Shetty of grade 9 was selected as the Head Girl for the AY-2018-19.

Manjunath of grade 9 was selected as the Head boy for the AY-2018-19

The school council members were conferred upon with sashes and badges by Principal and Sisters. Our Principal Sr. Siji administered the Oath to the leaders.

Our Principal Sr. Siji in the address gave a motivational speech commenting on the privilege of the cabinet members and their first exposure to leadership. Also she addressed every member of the School cabinet to be exemplary to other students and serve them well. Sr. Siji supplemented towards students progressing forward by setting an example to others. Further she evoked the leaders by saying “you must be the change you wish to see in the world and Joy lies in the attempt, in the fight and in the suffering involved, not in victory itself.”

The Ex-head boy and the Ex-head girl shared their exciting moments on being elected for the prestigious posts in the previous academic year 2017-18.

Gavin from grade 9 proposed the Vote of thanks.

On the whole the programme went on well with the team effort of one and all.

The programme ended with the school anthem with great vigor and voice laced with pride and confidence.

PU Orientation Day (June 9, 2018):-

Aradhana PU College welcomes the new batch of I PUC, by organizing an orientation program on 9th June 2018. Students along with their parents were invited for this event. Our coaching partners MGTL were the co-hosts for the day.

The programme began with a traditional lighting of the lamp by our Principal Sr Siji, Vice Principal and PUC in-charge Sr. Celine and Dr. Mahesh from MGTL, followed by a prayer song. Mrs. Varsha Manoj formally welcomed the gathering, followed by our Principal Sr. Siji addressing the gathering on the importance of PU education, and the guidance and support that parents need to extend to the children to help shape their academic future.

Our PU coordinator Ms Sonali Rath discussed the rules and guidelines for our new comers and the PU staff introduced themselves to the parents and students.

The programme concluded with Dr. Mahesh, co-founder and part of the coaching team, talking to the parents and students about the coaching program planned for the students and introduction of the various trainers who would be handling the coaching classes.

Opening Day –Monday, June 4, 2018:-

The class X students and teachers had been preparing for the start of school opening day. The excitement in the campus was so positive. Finally it was on June 4, 2018 when our efforts were met with pure joy and excitement for our students.

Aradhana always begins a new academic session with new learning garden. We had amidst us Sr.Mini, Provincial; Sr.Siji, Principal; Sr.Celine, Vice Principal: Sr Jiji, Secretary; Sr Shiny, Treasurer, Sr. Lalitha and Rev.Fr. Joseph Francis who were the main guests for the day.

The ceremony started with a prayer song followed by lighting the lamp. Barira of grade X welcomed the gathering with her warm words.

Sr. Mini began with a few sweet words stressing upon holiness, joy and beauty. Sr. Mini welcomed new students and motivated them towards a fresh start. She also added to enjoy the presence of everything in the Campus. Sr.Mini further added expressing a good progress in the following year under the guidance and support of Sr.Siji. Finally Sr. Mini concluded “Let’s go hand in hand with the parents, management, students , teachers and this new academic year bring new life to you all.” Sr. Mini extends a warm welcome to new students and teachers.

The Academic Coordinator, Ms. Vasudha, highlighted the rules and regulations to be abided by the students. The teachers handling class X and PUC were appreciated for the best results in Board Exams.

Sr. Siji starts her words with great excitement towards students, parents and teachers and welcome them after the vacation. Sr.Siji emphasizes upon academic excellence, to support students to achieve academic excellence. Sr.Siji further stresses towards students working forward by setting an example to all of you. Finally Sr.Siji showers by uttering “May God bless us, students at beginning of academic year. Help them to grow and feel respected and loved. We seek our blessings. Help parents to boast confidence our children. May God bless you all.”

The graceful dance performed by the students of grade IX and X was excellent. The students took an oath and promised to abide by the guidelines of Aradhana.

Finally, “All good things come to an end”. Teachers sang the School Anthem followed by vote of thanks. Rev.Fr. Joseph Francis blessed the students. As students dispersed to their classroom, they were thrilled and ready to start another wonderful year ahead in Aradhana.