Keeping in tune with the vision and mission of Aradhana Academy, the environment in the College is such that guidance and counselling is given to students at every stage of their life in Aradhana.


The attitude of gratitude teachers is the importance of seeking the position from every experience and being thankful for all that we have. We at Aradhana had a special assembly bidding to Sr. Regina and welcoming Sr. Moly Pullan- Vice principal, Sr. Mary Malieckal- Counselor, and Sr. Shainy Kayyaniyil- Secretary/Treasurer. Students performed a welcome dance followed by a taken of love & gratitude handed over to all the Sisters by our principal Sr. Siji. The enthusiasm and job were palpable among each other present in the assembly.


Save Soil – a Global Movement to invoke a conscious approach to soil and planet in all. One of the main objectives of the movement is to show across the world that their citizens want policies that revitalize ecology and soil.

Students of Aradhana Academy on May 26th had taken part in the session conducted by Save Soil committee members.

Students wrote Letter to PM Narendra Modi to connect the rapid depletion of soil organic


Teaching life skills to students is a very important aspect of education. To serve this purpose, a seminar was held for students from Classes v-PUC. The guest speakers were Mr.Revin and Mr.Francis. The topics discussed and lessons learnt were :

  • Be responsible, respectful, loving, stand for oneself and be what you are.
  • Express your love for your parents.
  • Always be positive and always say “I am good”.
  • Everyone of us has potential. You have to identify your strenght and work on it. If you make up your mind, anything can be achieved.

To reiterate the above lessons, a video about a deaf and dumb girl who was shunned by friends and others was shown. People made fun of her because she wanted to be a violinist. However, she was confident and determined to work her way. Inspite of a broken violin, she won a competition and proved her worth.

The important qualities one must have are honesty, responsibility, courage, concern and respect for others, ability to decide what is important for you. The sessions ended with a role play. The students took back some good memories and lessons from the seminar.


While Academics is given importance, equal stress is laid on the values imbibed by the students at this particular stage of their life. Students can make or break their life at this very delicate stage of their life. Hence lot of importance is given to making them not only physically strong but mentally strong human beings. As Dr.Abdul Kalam said: “All birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds, Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference”.

The aim of education is the knowledge not only of facts, but also of values. With this in mind students are inculcated with values, with regular value education classes. Value education also teaches us two things – how to make a living and the other, how to live.


We realize the importance of communication in the current scenario. Hence we have introduced a separate class for English Communication when children are specially trained in reading, vocabulary building, writing skills, public speaking skills and spelling.


The college also conducts Career Guidance Sessions in order to create an awareness among the students which career may be chosen in accordance with their aptitude and interest.