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Sep Events - 2018

Teachers Day Celebration - 5th Sept 2018:-

Aradhana academy celebrated teacher’s day with zeal and zest on 5th sept 2018.There was an unusual excitement in the school atmosphere which was quite contagious .The students of the higher grades took over the duties of the teachers for the day.

The event started by around 8:30am and all the teachers were welcomed from the school gate till their seats with the band set. The students personally presented handmade cards and a rose bud to the entire school faculty. The programme started with praise and thanksgiving to our Lord Almighty followed by cultural events in which students expressed their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. Later our beloved Principal Sr.Siji addressed the entire school, lauded the entire staff for their exemplary contribution to school’s phenomenal success. All teachers were given a memento as a token of her love and appreciation and all teachers who completed 15years of their service in Aradhana Academy was specially remembered and honoured.

The programme ended with words of wisdom by our beloved principal sister followed by National Anthem. It was truly a memorable day for the teachers and all the students of Aradhana Academy.

Project Day-1-09-2018, Saturday, By Kidsworld:-

Project day was conducted on 1st Sep 2018, Saturday at Aradhana Kids world.

The theme for the project day was “People and places around us” for the Class Nursery.

The children spoke couple of sentences about their project and each child was given a role of person we see around us like community helpers.

The theme for the project day was “Continents” for the Class LKG. The groundwork started from mid July.

The highlights and special features of all the seven continents were thoughtfully divided among all the students. To bring out the best creativity, we had a face-to-face interaction with all the parents and took into account their valuable suggestion.

The main focus and objective was to make our little students participate actively by expressing a few words about their respective projects.

The classrooms were tastefully and efficiently transformed into different continents. The colorful and dense Congo Basin of Africa, the snow-clad mountains of Antarctica and the list goes on ……

Foot tapping music, students dressed as tribal’s, Chinese dolls, Egyptian Pharaohs lifted the entire mood on the project day. Cuisines from all over the world prepared by the parents filled the food court with divine aroma

The whole of UKG was divided into 2 groups where half of the children put up projects based on science and the other half were part of a Grama Panchayat.

The science exhibition named SCI-LAND saw a variety of projects based on simple and day to day activities like why waste is segregated and questions like why thunder and lightning is formed and how hydro power electricity was generated was beautifully done by the children.

Children gave a detailed explanation about each project whenever they were asked about it.

In Grama Panchayat named Anandagrama children were dressed up as villagers and a part of the school ground was recreated to bring about a feel of an actual village with shops, huts, a post -office, a school, paddy fields and many other elements. Here also children explained about each section and there were village guides who provided the spectators with a detailed explanation of benefits of living in a village.

Foot tapping music, students dressed as tribals, Chinese dolls, Egyptian Pharaohs lifted the entire mood on the project day. Cuisines from all over the world prepared by the parents filled the food court with divine aroma.

The project day winded up by 11 am and Aradhana Kids World brought about a learning experience for the audience.

The Management, parents and teachers were full of appreciation for all the efforts by each and everyone involved in making the project day a success. The management really thanks the parents for their utmost cooperation and help.