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Current Events

Teachers Day Celebration - 5th September 2020

74th Independence Day Flag hoisting at Aradhana Academy

Krishna janmashtami activity by UKG - B

Father's day - 21st June, 2020

21st June being Father's day our children honoured their father's and paternal bonds, as well as the influence of father's in society....

Recognition Day - March 4th 2020 - ARADHANA ACADEMY:

Recognition day is the culmination of all hard work. It is a day when students can say “I’ve have done it”. It is the most important date in our Academic calendar as it is the time when students celebrate their achievements.

On 4 th March, 2020, Recognition Day was held at Aradhana Academy. The program began with a prayer. Most of the students were honoured and recognised for their hard work, dedication and also being pioneers in social work and extracurricular activities. The parents were happy to see their child with medals and certificates for their excellent performance. At the end, Principal Sr.Siji gave a closure remark and thanked the parents, teachers and congratulated and appreciated students who made this program a grand success.

Scouts and Guides-Rally- 08th February, 2020

Participation of the Aradhana students in the Annual Rally.14 Scouts and 11 Guides to participate in Annual Rally in JSS Public School on 8/2/20.The total students who participated from other Schools were 383 Scouts and Guides, Cubs and bulbuls and 25 adult leaders and 14 guests and judges. Total strength 422.

Our students won few prizes,

  • In flag staff construction the girls got 3 rd prize
  • Cooking without fire- 2 nd prize
  • Speech-1 st place

Principals and the Incharge of Scouts and Guides were thanked for encouraging the students to participate.


St.Maria De Mattias was born on 4 th February at Vellacorsa, Italy. To commemorate her birthday we conducted special assembly for 3 days at Aradhana Academy. It was 3 days before the actual feast day for all the Sisters.

On 29/1/2020 we began the day with an introduction followed by the prayer song “Our father” and invoking the blessings of God. This was followed by intercessory prayers, novena prayer read by Sr.Siji, our principal, and concluded with a skit about St.Marias childhood, vocation, community life and Apostolate. Students of Class-1&2 offered flowers at the feet of the statue of St.Maria. Many quotes on St.Maria were exhibited and the photo of St.Maria was well decorated.

Mrs.Soumi conducted a quiz for classes V to X students about St.Maria’s life story. On 30/1/20 and 31/1/20 also we had assembly where we began with a prayer, prayer song, Bible reading, song on St.Maria and Novena prayer by Sr.Viji our Vice Principal and Sr.Jaya our Secretary.

Students from class III and IV offered red roses on 30/1/20 and students from Kidsworld offered white roses on 31/1/20 at St.Maria’s feet.

On 3/2/20 at 8:30am solemn Eucharistic celebration was conducted for all the students in School ground. The main celebrant was Rev.Father Jayson Vaz. His speech was a source of inspiration to all. The melodious hymns by the Choir created a prayerful ambience.

Father Jayson blessed all the classrooms of every floor in the School. While the choir chanted the hymn “There shall be showers of Blessings” .We all felt blessed at the end of the Eucharistic celebration.


On 26 th January 2020, Republic Day, we all gathered in the School and many students from class V-IX gathered, nearly 100 were gathered. All the Sisters and father Justus Paul, few teachers were present for the celebration. When the flag was hoisted we all sang the national Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” which made us proud along Band set. Father Justus spoke few words about our country India, and also wished everyone. Our Principal Sr.Siji also spoke few words and distributed chocolates to all. Father and sisters took photos with the scouts and guides students and others present at the celebration. A prayer song was also sung.

A group photo was taken with Father and sister and students of Scouts and guides and teachers.

SHARING DAY-24th January, 2020

Bidding adieu is never easy but an important step forward in passage of time. Aradhana School, Bangalore organized a farewell for the outgoing class of II-PUC and X STATE &ICSE on 24 th January, 2020.

A time to reflect back down the memory lane, the feel of nostalgia, emotions running deep, sentiments and expression of gratitude, advises, reminiscence of joyous moments spent in the school, filled the hearts of the students. The management, staff and students of class IX and I-PUC, joined to bid ‘good byes’ to the glamorous young ladies dressed in their best attires and dashing young men in their newly stitched outfits.

The evening began with a welcome speech followed by lightning of the lamp by the sisters of Aradhana,Sr Mini Provincial superior ,Addressed the students and advised them to be good in life by being a good human being . Sr Siji the principal also advised the students, to be confident and disciplined in life.

Momento from the school was handed over to all the students as the token of gratitude and love followed by the blessings of the teachers showered upon them. The best outgoing students were awarded with a memento.

Finally ended with the vote of thanks with message saying

“Go confidently in the DIRECTION Of your dreams! Live in LIFE”


Kidsworld had their outing as part of their Christmas celebrations.

Children were taken to Mc Donald's on the 18th of December, 2019 during class hours. They were taken by around 9am and returned by 12pm.

Children enjoyed their meals and also were super excited to see the mall and decorations which also included a life size Xmas father who danced to their tunes. There was also music and fun inside the restaurant and children were handed over to their parents by 12pm after the celebrations.

Annual Day 2019: 20/12/2019

Year after year, we strive to make our Annual Day more magical, memorable and unique. This year was no exception to the rule.

20 th December 2019 was the most awaited day for both the students and the teachers. It was the 36 th Annual Day of Aradhana Academy.

Since morning all the students were busy with their makeup, costumes and last moment rehearsals. The spectacular evening commenced with the auspicious lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the distinguished assembly of guests.

Principal, Sr. Siji along with the members of management committee welcomed guests for the day.

The Chief guest for the evening was Shri Bhaskar Rao IPS, Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru City.

The othe guests of honour were Sr.MiniPallipadan - Provincial Superior of Sisters Adorers of The Blood of Christ, Mr. Sunder - A well known Theatre Personality.

Students of Class III presented the school report accentuating the progress of the school throughout the year.

The outstanding performers in the board examination of 2018-19 were felicitated.

It was followed by the cultural programme, ‘ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE’ which recounted origin of theatre and its various forms. The stories and songs were all meticulously scripted and various dance styles were incorporated to portray this form of performing arts.

It was an audio-visual treat to the audience comprising of our esteemed guests and parents. The grandeur of the Finale left the audience enthralled.

The vote of thanks to the revered assembly of guests was proposed by The whole evening was a wonderful mélange of dance and music and was a great day to remember.


Christmas is the time to rejoice, share, care and show charity whole heartedly. On this occasion the students, teachers and sisters visited the orphanage of girls run by SDS Sisters at Kothanur road on 14 th December and on 15 th December to Snehasadan. We were cheerfully welcomed by those kids with an innocent look and could make out the joy in them. Aradhanites arranged few games and played with the children and honoured the winners. Our presence made the children feel happy. Our students had a different feeling and experience when they met these children. Many of our students felt that they looked happy and are much smarter.

We distributed the eatables like fruits, biscuits, cakes and chocolates to these children. Our students sang and wished Merry X’mas and Happy New Year. All our students felt sad before saying them goodbye. Some students were emotional as they waved and said good bye to those children.

Our students had satisfaction that they have done something good to the needy. They all thanked God for being kind and felt blessed with lovely parents who take good care by providing every thing. All the children recalled the memories while returning.


The Jesus Youth program was held in the auditorium on 30/11/19 in the School auditorium by the Youth group. Students of Class V-X-both ICSE & STATE participated.

Mr. Harley and team along with 18 youth members from Jesus Youth Group arranged a program called “Dance with Jesus".

The session started at 8:45am with sound good morning greeting. Students were asked to write their names using fingers, knees and elbows. Students did action dance for music played. Team performed Skit which showed how a girl was saved from evil thoughts through her mother’s prayers.

Verses from Bible were from Merlin, read and explained to children saying that “God is always with them”. Children learn the slogan saying “God is good all the time and all the time God is good”.

An activity was also conducted for the students. The session concluded with Vote of thanks delivered by the X class students.


Sport's day in Aradhana Academy for Kids World was celebrated from 25-27 November, 2019 during class hours.

UKG had the sport's day on Monday, 25th and races like obstacle race, cup race, running race and balancing game were conducted. On 26th the little ones of LKG also had races like bunny race, jelly fish race and tiger races.

For Nursery and Pre- Nursery on 27th the races were kangaroo jumping, caterpillar race and fish in the pond races. On all the 3 days Principal Sr Siji and Vice Principal Sr Viji graced the occasion with their presence.

          It was very colourful where the children enjoyed with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. Kids enjoyed participating in all the races and were super thrilled. 

Children’s Day :- 14 Nov 2019

Children’s Day is one of the best days of the year for the children are celebrated on November 14, on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in schools across the country. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first prime minister of the country. Children’s Day is celebrated on his birthday because of his endless love and affection for children.

In Aradhana Academy Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The program started with the Prayer song followed by the welcome speech by Vidya Mam.

Speaking on the occasion , our beloved principal Sr Siji expressed her desire about children as they are the valuable asset of the nation as well as future and hope of tomorrow, so they need to get proper care and love. Furthermore, Sr Mini our provincial superior addressed the gathering.

The program commenced by the performance of children of 1 st and 2 nd standard. The teachers of 1 st and 2 nd standards put their wonderful efforts to coach the children based on the theme “Seven is Heaven”.

The culmination of the program was the icing on the cake for the children as they enjoyed every bit and made the event an unforgettable one. This was a special spark as it was the first time where the little ones got the chance to perform on the stage on children’s day. Unfaltering performances continued with seven fairies by 1A,followed by seven wonders of the world by 1B,seven colours by 1C,Seven days of the week by 1D,seven continents by 2A,seven advertisements by 2B and seven musical notes by 2C.The little ones clad themselves in colourful and beautiful outfits. The theme based program had formed a unique way to celebrate the day.

Colours added to the occasion with the special musical performances by teachers of primary and high school which indeed marked the celebration. The teachers sang melodic songs for the children in order to express their love and care for them.

Another attraction was a special performance by Chandrakeerti Sir dedicating to the children. He showcased his own journey right from the stage of

the tiny tot to the pivotal stage. His performance created an atmosphere of joys and laughter. The program continued by the mesmerizing performance of Athr Sir .The engaging, energetic and confident show with his guitar held the audience spellbound.

The Children’s Day program eventuated with some fun and entertaining games from classes 3 rd onwards which added much fun to the event.

The Celebration made every child feel special, a day of beautiful memories and celebration of innocence. In the memory of Children’s Day teachers offered small gifts to all the children. The Final concluding words of Vote of Thanks were meant to thank all by Prema Mam.