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Aradhana Academy, Bangalore is an institution of Academic Excellence that strives to impart the values of Universal Love and Integrity through education.

The school was started in 1982 by a Christian Missionary Congregation ‘The Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ’.

The sprawling campus of 4.5 acres is environmentally pleasing with lush green trees and well-maintained gardens. The five-storied building has spacious classrooms and a state-of-the-art infrastructure for effective teaching and learning.

Education is a dedicated service, hence focus, commitment and involvement are extremely important. We believe that we are responsible for facilitating the growth of well-adjusted individuals who are assets to the various personal and professional communities that they belong to.

Our dedicated teachers set a pacefor holistic education with a wide variety of teaching skills and life skills. We mentor, monitor, and guide students so that they experience and cherish every moment fully as they reach the physical, social and emotional milestones of life. We also ingrain the disciplinary values with moral ethics to be good citizens which is essential as a part of living in the society.

In addition to Academics, we nurture talent and skills based on student interest by encouraging involvement in Music, Yoga, Dance, Art, Karate, T.I. E-sports. We believe that mathematicians, athletes, writers, musicians all thrive side-by-side learning together and building a community of lifelong learners. Field trips are organized frequently and this experiential learning develops students’ ability to step outside into the world with more choices and more confidence.

We hope that Aradhanites will persevere to grow as reflective practitioners and thinkers, adept at juggling commitments with inner freedom and sincerity, upholding justice and truth, in response to the quiet still voice in their hearts.

We seek your continued support and pray that Almighty be with us throughout these years and in the years to come

God Bless!

Rev Sr. Siji Madapallikadu, asc
Aradhana Academy


Rev Sr. Siji Madapallikadu, asc