“When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat”. Ronald Reagan a session was conducted by the student councilor for the newly inducted school leaders of Aaradhana. New leaders comprising of Head Girl, Head Boy, House Captains and Vice Captains of Dolphinis, Columbia, Pavo and Unicorn, alongwith the class leaders.

The agenda of this session was to inculcate leadership skills in the new Cabinet members and to set up expectations of their roles.

The session began with understanding of who a real leader is. Qualities of a leader such as listening skills, persistence, focus, accountability, self motivation and leading by example were discussed. The leaders took an oath to be humble and respect others and to be just and have integrity.

The house captains and the Vice captains were given the responsibility of forming a debate and elocution team for their respective houses within two weeks. Head girl and the head boy were to oversee the formation and report the status.

The leader is the one who: knows the way, Goes the way and Shows the way!


Teaching life skills to students is a very important aspect of education. To serve this purpose, a seminar was held for students from Classes v-PUC. The guest speakers were Mr.Revin and Mr.Francis. The topics discussed and lessons learnt were :

  • Be responsible, respectful, loving, stand for oneself and be what you are.
  • Express your love for your parents.
  • Always be positive and always say “I am good”.
  • Everyone of us has potential. You have to identify your strenght and work on it. If you make up your mind, anything can be achieved.

To reiterate the above lessons, a video about a deaf and dumb girl who was shunned by friends and others was shown. People made fun of her because she wanted to be a violinist. However, she was confident and determined to work her way. Inspite of a broken violin, she won a competition and proved her worth.

The important qualities one must have are honesty, responsibility, courage, concern and respect for others, ability to decide what is important for you. The sessions ended with a role play. The students took back some good memories and lessons from the seminar.


Global citizenship is all about enabling young people to develop the skills they need to engage with the world. As a step towards achieving this goal, Aradhana Academy collaborated with Newman University, USA. Newman University, USA is also an Institution managed by The Adorers of the Precious Blood of Christ.

Two teaching Assistants, Ms.Brandi Boese and Ms.Diana Elizabeth Stanley were with us for a six week internship program. Ms.Boese was assigned with teaching Maths and Ms.Stanley was assigned English and communication.

It helped our children to broaden their horizon and were able to appreciate and understand how things work in another part of the world.


Civic Awareness is the most important quality that youngsters need to have in today’s world. We have tied up with CMCA (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness). With the CMCA’s support, we at Aradhana help to create environmental awareness among the school children. They are involved in activities like solid waste management, planting trees, keeping the campus litter free etc. The members are true paradigm in action.


Hands on experience for conducting Science experiments are provided to students from Classes I to VIII. Curiosity kits are handed over to the students and they perform the experiments in groups.


The Global Awareness Program (GAP) is India's first focused general knowledge initiative aimed at both teachers and students. The program aims to create, enhance and sustain awareness levels with respect to global happenings and current events.This program is extended to students from Class I to VII.


This is another important service rendered by Aradhana to students to enhance their psychological well being. We have a trained professional who works alongside teachers to assess and counsel students, teachers and parents. This has not only helped teachers identify certain psychological problems of students but they also become sensitive to their needs.


Remedial Classes are conducted to rectify or improve in a particular subject. Individual attention is given for a child to cope with studies and build their confidence.