About Us

Curriculum Overview:

Primary Curriculum Grades 1 to 4

Our Primary Curriculum builds on the foundation established in UKG. Children are encouraged to think independently, use their initiative and participate in a meaningful and active manner in the learning process.


English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, French, Hindi, Kannada are assessed to understand student progress and attainment. Art& Craft, Music, Moral Education, General Knowledge and Physical Education are graded subjects. For students in Grades 1 & 2, EVS is taught instead of Social studies which is a graded subject Teaching follows the hands on approach through the use of resources. Teachers focus on the social and personal development of students and their innovative skills. Teachers know the learning needs of each child and teaching is customized to meet their needs.


There are Two formative and Two summative Assessments annually and students are assessed as per the school’s assessments system. The assessments ensure students are progress and development in each subject is continuous and meets the grading system.

Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities

A selection of extracurricular and co-curricular activities broadens their innate abilities and challenges them to develop new interest areas. Extra curricular activities such as Theatre In Education, Music, Dance, Karate, Sports, Public Speaking and Karate form a part of student growth and development.


Children are prepared and encouraged to participate in State and National Level Competitions. Some competitions are Spell Bee, Olympiads, KISA to name a few.


Development of leadership qualities and skills is put into practical application providing each student the opportunity to share class and school responsibilities that nurture organizational skills, collaboration, team spirit and accountability.

By the end of Grade 4 students will have gained a well-rounded education and transition to the next level in their Educational Journey.